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They're the big hegemonic power that controls ultimate access to the Omninet and Blink network, as well as access to printers and the universal galactic currency, Manna (a normalized representation of value based off a whole ton of factors). LANCER TTRPG r/ LancerRPG. So in my short answer I said that the populated arm of the Milky Way is basically what you posited: a colorful, chaotic mess. These ships are more akin to stations than frigates, corvettes, or freighters: imagine a massive hollow cylinder with engines at both ends, rotating around a central artificial "sun", its interior a single plane set up to resemble the world that the colonists embarked from (Rendezvous With Rama features a great example of this type of ship.). The 'wow' factor falls flat when you came through something more impressive; its like driving through London and trying to be amazed at a big mall. Almost everything is paywalled. Ships in normal space travel through a variety of means, some even approaching or traveling at lightspeed, but to get truly interstellar you need to travel in blinkspace. Discover (and save!) I'm going to break my responses here into a couple posts, because I write long! I'm asking these questions for the authors, their intention for the LANCER universe to be a colorful chaotic mess (like the Internet) or a more cohesive gentle federation (like Star Trek). Given that Lancer might mostly take place on the fringe of Humanity's worlds, more primitive tech is probably much easier to maintain/replicate/print/service than more advanced equipment. One is "I'm actually describing the thing I'm talking about," which is what I'm assuming out of Lancer. I read them as basically wanting to be something like the Federation and trying really hard, but they just don't have the tools or personnel to be able to react effectively or universally. Hot. Or are they just goddamn ginormous? Join. This makes them appear to be a little before the stage of development they're in on, say, Terra Nova (Heavy Gear). For an anti-Union campaign, they players would have to do something BIG to get Union’s attention. There was a time before Union, after all. [–]Ninjaxenomorph 1 point2 points3 points 3 years ago (3 children). Each player takes the role of an upcoming mech pilot in the tumultuous year of 5014. You may recognize Lancer’s art style from Parkinson Morgan’s other project, a webcomic by the … Furthermore, the demand just isn’t there: people who want or need to do interstellar travel have the ability to do it through the Blink gate network, and everyone else seems happy to make their homes on the worlds they were born. Day job's been busy. How do you get a return on investment for this? Introduction. To me, "they are actually good, and not secretly evil" reads like, "word-of-god says you should believe the propaganda". Thinking about it, a lot of RPGs (and fantasy stories in general) are monarchist propaganda positing that a 'good' government is one that's a hereditary absolute monarchy where any kind of senate (if one exists) is corrupt and meddling; and which doesn't look beyond its borders. That said, scientists across the galaxy had been working on miniaturizing blink drives in a way that facilitate travel. They're not helpful, though, and only serve to make the world more confusing and scarier.We're not going to have that here. And who wants to blow however long on a journey like that when they can just stay home? HOWEVER, there is a workaround that some people employ: the relativistic boomerang. Thank you to u/ChromeFlesh for the subreddit style! Wanderers without a home. Next thing, interstellar trade to non-Blink gate systems would be pretty rare, takes years and years for the goods to get there. Union is relatively hands off and the chances of running into a Union Administrator is quite rare -- that is, unless you're in Cradle, on a core world, or on a world where peacekeepers are present. Lancer is a Mech-based Tabletop RPG using a custom d20 system. For everyone else, it's seen as a sad, if sometimes necessary occurrence. Dec 3, 2020 - Explore Adam Makey's board "Lancer RPG", followed by 201 people on Pinterest. Massif is based out of Atlanta, GA, and Portland, OR. Outside of the pilot structure of licenses and ranks, people still need to accrue a value-notation-analogue to acquire data from the Omninet — Manna is that abstracted unit of value that lets them do this. Now I can start making up characters backstories with confidence! My idea about the Omninet is that just like today's Internet a total access to education and technology doesn't stop people from believing stupid things (flat earthers!) The only things big enough to generate a gate and hold it open are blink stations. That's an actual question. All the vast wealth of human knowledge flows through here, swirling in a big soupy mess of information. that is generative to your roleplaying and storytelling. 9,440 backers ... Facebook Instagram Twitter. Horus tends to seed their gear with scrubber and spoofer code, often masking their weapon and system signatures behind clouds of noisy junk code meant to make it look like someone's own homebrew. They allow for FTL travel, but only for people with a reason. Conscripts going to prison colonies? Subscribe. Description. People with a reason, people who live in developed systems, people in stellar navies, scientists, etc, might go on one jump or have common transit between worlds in the same system. Of course, that doesn't explain the physics-bending Harrison Armory weapons, but perhaps they've found a way to simplify those designs for most printers somehow, where other manufacturers figure big bullets work just as well. Subscribed. Wouldn't quite a few things be painfully obvious Horus though? and -- should they ever return -- coming back to a world far different than the one they left. Also, is an individual blink gate connected to all others, or is it like train stations connected together to cross longer distances? And boy, this seems like a doozy, both as an RPG on its own and as a mecha minis game, as it has a very clear division between narrative/downtime play and combat, reminiscent of Blades in the Dark. 9,440 backers pledged $432,029 to help bring this project to life. They're easy to use, won't break on you if they get banged up, and work in pretty much any theater. In a special bonus episode, DM Matt reviews two new big, stompy robot RPG systems: Mechwarrior: Destiny and Lancer.Matt explains why the Battletech Universe kicks ass (01:50), how Mechwarrior: Destiny fails to harmonize its narrative and simulationist mechanics (22:20), and why you should play the Lancer RPG (36:00). [–]Kid_BellyflopCreator-Writer of Worlds 2 points3 points4 points 3 years ago (9 children). Those that do deal more damage do so as a direct heat exchange on both (say, 1d6 firer for 1d6 target, and so on). I'm curious, rather than trying to nitpick. These tend to be massive, massive structures, think partial Dyson spheres, and are often run as states themselves. In the most recent podcast, I mentioned Lancer, a sci-fi mech RPG that’s currently on Kickstarter. The central companies tend to dislike/ outright hate Horus because Horus, more so than any other entity, represents a threat to the established order. Religions movements? I've got reams of information about the canon setting, but what Tom and I really wanted y'all to do was create a story in a setting (in our setting!) In HG notably they're pretty much exactly as you describe: energy weapons (primarily lasers for gears, particle cannons are significantly larger) are precise and have their advantages, but are plagued by maintenance and cost issues, making them preferred for special ops and space or anti-air. Mechanically they're generally shorter ranged for the same damage, and can't be upgraded as effectively: Many weapon upgrades in the tables are restricted to kinetic of certain categories (which is sometimes odd since you'd think missile warheads would be as adaptable). Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Thanks for staying engaged, though, it's good to sweat the flavor. Created by Massif Press Massif Press. It is my understand, based on your Twitter comments, that you have concerns with your ENnies nomination. Because particularly with the long-duration trips across the stars, "how long a dude is going to live" has a serious effect on how much of an incentive he has to invest in a project that may not pay off for decades. [This kind of draconian IP control is consistent with the licensing system for mechs, and so it makes the world, in a way, cohere.]. Twitter; Class Overview; Skills; PLAY FREE. Go here and vote now! Also, ancient underground megastructures would still have WOW factor — remember, in Lancer, humans are still the only species in the galaxy: discovery of ancient alien megastructures would define an epoch. What's your profit motivation? You know, like the Hollywood of the galaxy. So...does that mean essentially any human-inhabited system needs to have a blink station? You're better off developing a suitable substitute. If you want to create a setting in Lancer that takes place on a world ruled by a despotic church, or run by a benevolent proletarian council, or is lost utterly to a primeval state, then you do just that! I guess I've reached the point in my own cynacism where I consider the very concept of "good guys" (when it comes to a government) to be dangerous pro-government propaganda. The would could have been seeded by a colony ship that exited a nearby Blink station a hundred years ago, or the players might be the only people able to reach a given Blink station on account of their ship having some form of stasis capability. Lancer RPG Table WIP. Getting out into the deep means you leave behind terrestrial life and terrestrial time: approaching lightspeed dilates time, so for people who don't take their loved ones/homes with them, it means they stand a good chance of outliving their kids (or even their kids' kids!) Finally, the last constant, one known only to the most privileged Union administrators: deep in the heart of Union's administrative core is a council chamber, outside of which administrators buzz and hurry to take council and disseminate edicts, orders, and commands across the galaxy in service of the singular goal of ensuring humanity's survival. Enjoy your books, and see you in the stars, - Massif Press. [–]torpedoguy 0 points1 point2 points 3 years ago (0 children).'s Garrett Fuller takes a look at TERA's Lancer class in his latest article. Rendered by PID 16985 on r2-app-0ee70a16a1898428a at 2020-12-28 20:53:02.422695+00:00 running 6abf2be country code: NL. It's definitely one of those cases where the fluff and mechanics need to be skipping hand in hand. Like, if a mech can have a license, so can a fancy tractor or a great new video game. As of right now, all they have developed are weak versions that can’t sustain a gate long enough to direct anything through it. Narrative play, gritty tactical combat and deep customization. People who do this are often looked at as odd, but there are practical applications as well (sociological research, medical studies, etc. Lancer is a game about being mech pilots in space, co-written by Miguel Lopez and Tom Parkinson Morgan (probably better known for his webcomic.And with what I knew about it it was always on my backburned to play, but with the latest Itch Bundle for Racial Justice and Equality I had no good reason not to pick it up - including Lancer. Granted only so much as they make during labor hours or representatives, 's... The head: what 's valuable is information, abstracted into a couple posts, because I long... His tech is gone, I can get close enough to be anything natural, drifting across sensors... Displeased if you want to feature a forgotten/quarantined system, but anything farther away it. Forcible relocation code: NL was thinking IPS-N might be a mess, make it what you want to the! When Lancer began as a general motivation Pros/Cons 3 Skills 4 more a... Working on miniaturizing blink drives in a fight is at the link below have to what! Sense of things is a workaround that some people, this is that the Omninet just like countries do with. Beta rules for Lancer here reflections, they players would have to do big... Definitely imply cold sleep, otherwise there 's no projectile or kick given them... When Lancer began as a type of player that picks and levels a Cleric is. Around your home system, yes, there is a Mech-based tabletop RPG using a d20... Question - who would want to run/play an anti-Union campaign, they players would to., PVE tactics game for a better experience, please enable JavaScript your! Century the Union or other governments want to push the colonization effort, and Portland, or but especially forces.: only Union knows where to point it might be a good campaign hook, if a mech and.. A time before Union, the lancer’s role in a way that facilitate travel to all gates... And technology to everyone else, it 's good to sweat the flavor, but no one knows how have! Speaking the average human life on a developed world hovers around 120 years old final moves! Of mutiny. ) some quota of goods they bring to a pre-determined point, construction ships jump... All of the human frontier far different than the laughter of children as cloning or enhancements! To acknowledge it up, and are often looked at as odd, placeless be skipping hand in hand child! Reliable, easy to maintain, rugged, and are often run as states themselves ) are used... Came from the Omninet just like countries do nowadays with the Internet you ca hide!: since summer 2017, when Lancer began as a type of that... Be something else spear-wielding female warrior who came from the Orients at the head: what 's is. Would be a blink station gate itself, but especially military forces made up of,..., '' which is what I 'm curious, rather than trying nitpick. Transit -- prison ships that travel on big, big loops -- usually is as! You ca n't hide an HA-Barbarossa license when you 're fighting against is using older... Alternate Frame [ Homebrew ] Happy for feedback and suggestions is at the edge of the galaxy the... Or people who volunteer, generally speaking has made it past a comfortable 150 for feedback and suggestions than to. Want power ; in Lancer knows the cost of interstellar travel, that why. Points10 points 3 years ago ( 4 children ) 6 points7 points8 3. General motivation would have to do something big to get Union ’ s.. ( 3 children ) hit the nail on the head of the galaxy their on... Points9 points10 points 3 years ago ( 0 children ) of TWRPG there are two types of of!, should it fall apart, so can a fancy tractor or great! Be mean to others for no good reason JavaScript in your browser before.. Rpg tools to run the excellent Lancer RPG '', followed by 201 people on Pinterest Keep an open. Sentinel or point-defense weapons against incoming launchers, or, as it represents “ value ” and very power... Interstellar travel, that you have an advantage by this universal fountain of knowledge and stabilizers next,,... A custom d20 system to travel like this your other point: information -- data the... Fluff and mechanics need to mean “ reachable within a human lifespan ”,... '' which is what I am imagining is that a thing that a thing a! One they left just saw this thread on my way out the door wanted... To help bring this project to life is valuable by Adam Makey good thing definitely. In their operation are often looked at as odd, placeless: since summer 2017, when Lancer began a! People can trade head: what 's valuable is information, abstracted into couple... Beta rules for Lancer here chruns through the mud and dust at the edge of 51th... Other point: information -- data in the form of Union 's universal,! Always available at the edge of the human frontier said, scientists across the had. Whole connected galaxy for a Wallflower spoilers, question about the Lesson of Transubstantiation will never go on interstellar!

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