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C+ ), is a Berserker-class Servant summoned by Ritsuka Fujimaru in the Grand Orders of Fate/Grand Order. 謎のヒロインX〔オルタ〕 Rather than having the same personality, what they have is the opposite. He then uses Black Knight's Black to seal away her memories, its effects becoming activate in a few days. hace 3 años | 10 views. After he collapses, X Alter is unable to finish him to complete her revenge for Agravain. They interrupted by the Student Dormitory Supervisor who kicks Ritsuka, which somehow results in their voloid body being accidentally cut down by X. Dowijemec. share. spoiler. : Berserker, p.036-037 [T] How hard her spell hits for did not matter. Feel it! Those exact like the movie made the fight awesome, their were some moment if it wasn’t for the grail mana, Saber would have died from some of berserker’s attacks. Current Natsu and FH Zeref vs Saber and Berserker ... Blade Works Episode 3. They confess they don't mind others seeing them talk, but they don't want their conversation to be recorded. Class skills Embed. fate. Gender: Fate_stay night- Heaven’s Feel ll - Saber Alter Defeats Berserker [4K 60FPS] - YouTube. ), Class Name Berserker (バーサーカー, Bāsākā? Share to Tumblr. 5 years ago | 88 views. Lancer defends Saber out of chivalry, but Kayneth uses a Command Seal to force him to assist Berserker and kill Saber. Seguir. 100% Upvoted. HELP ME TO BECOME KNOWN THROUGHOUT THE WORLD AS THE REACTOR! Playing next. ), Mad Warrior and Heroic Spirit of Berserk Rage(狂戦士の英霊? Berserker with Ilya as master. She also voices her relief that it wasn't Eliza, who always got caught in her own traps for X and X Alter. renatofate. ), is one of the Four Cavalry Classes among the seven standard Servant classes summoned for the Holy Grail War. Archer's attack did not even take a single life from Berserker. 1:48. fate/stay night - Shirou kisses Saber. CAPTION. 12 comments . [1], « I shall fight. Alter. | Fate/stay night - Saber VS Berserker | 1080p 60FPS | Upscaled to 1080P using "Waifu2x: Image Super-Resolution for Anime-Style Art" and motion interpolated to … F/GO Stage 2 Berserker(バーサーカー, Bāsākā? However, her answers they will need to go into hiding for awhile since their enemy's pursuit is growing more aggressive each day. Fate/ stay night - OP (Saber Route Ver. She then asks for X Alter's name, but the latter can only recall "Ex". spoiler. She asks if the next land to purged has been prophesied. Fate stay/night Saber & Archer VS Berserker REACTION!!! Be the first to share what you think! … Amv fate stay night - Saber. 0 comments. In episode 23 "The Sea at the End of the World", Berserker's movements are first drawn with keyframe animation, and then a 3DCG Berserker is animated to match, and finally, black mist is added over the top of that. After saying goodbye to him, X Alter goes to the escape pod bay with Ritsuka. She spends her days off reading or listening to music, without takin… Fate stay/night Saber & Archer VS Berserker REACTION!!! Some time later, X Alter is waiting with Edison for X, who seemingly disappeared with the increased number of Heroine Zs, to return. Her favorite food are sweets. [1], The mysterious item that she possesses, "∞(Infinity) Chocolate", was produced from six primordial energies - desire (soul), sugar content (power), point of sale (space), cost price (reality), manufacture (time) and demand (mind) - and supposedly bestow infinite power to its owner, but X Alter doesn't really get it. 3:51. Sybel26000. share. She stresses that "the ingredient balance of Japanese sugar has maximum efficiency. she also worries about her food in her fridge expiring. Question. !\r \r You can send me videos for me to re to by sending me the link to\r \r Original … Settings. Log in or sign up to leave a comment Log In Sign Up. Favorited. hide. Fullscreen. Bond 3 Ayako Kawasumi Alignment: Qualified Servant classes The Shadow and Saber Alter eventually arrive, bringing about a situation where Berserker must fight in order to protect Ilya, even against her orders to retreat. Archived. As Kiritsugu and Saber arrive at the theater on separate paths, Saber is attacked by a gun-wielding Berserker in the underground parking lot. After a corrupted Sakura kidnaps Illya and Shirō mounts a rescue, True Assassin tries to recover Illya and duels Kirei Kotomine before the latter maims Zōken, forcing him to retreat with his Master's fall. The person calls themselves a classmate, and states spies for the Villain Alliance are everywhere, including the school. Servants of Fate/Grand Order x Himuro's World, Though Ilya pleads for him to run, he continues battling in order to protect her. Servants placed within this Class are always Heroic Spirits who have gone berserk during battle at least once in their lifetime. Copy link to clipboard. 1 Summary 2 Power of the Verse 3 Calculations 3.1 Attack Potency and Durability Calcs 3.2 Speed Calcs 3.3 Notes 4 Supporters/Opponents/Neutral 4.1 Supporters 4.2 Opponents 4.3 Neutral 5 Profiles 5.1 Masters 5.2 Servants 6 Discussions Fate/Zero is a light novel written by Gen Urobuchi and illustrated by Takashi Takeuchi. Details File Size: 8933KB Duration: 8.360 sec Dimensions: 498x278 Created: 8/30/2019, 12:05:00 AM Japan Expo 2009, Cosplay - Saber (Fate Stay Night) Shirubi-08. X Alter offers to join him, but he tells her that he has job suited to her skill instead. Dislikes: She admit she couldn't endure her hatred towards him, but confesses she truly enjoyed his lectures. Mad Enhancement EX[1] Also, her Instinct is ranked down because she's sorta holding it back, to not lose herself and become, essentially, a dragon. Saber Alter Saber Alter Vs Berserk GIF SD GIF HD GIF MP4. !\r \r You can send me videos for me to re to by sending me the link to\r \r Original … Burning the prana converter reactor Altereactor, an Anti-Anti-Saber Decisive Weapon that sworn to defeat Mysterious Heroine X. Sort by . save. raficky54. Saber Alter. All that mattered was that it was A rank. 99% Upvoted. spoiler. Alter Saber Vs Berserker [Fate/Stay Night Heaven's Feel II - Lost Butterfly] Clip. She is an "altered" Saber, tainted by the mud of All the World's Evil. Fate Stay Night Havens Feel . Instinct A[1] Her Agility is Rank D because she can't do good curves. Report. Copy link to clipboard. She then mistakenly interprets their question as they wanting a dumpling, which she already ate. no comments yet. dm_4ff7683e84b2d. Heaven's Feel. Sort by. hide. 4. Isn't it odd how the one with better numbers is treated with lower regard? Considering what I seen from the latest episode of the anime adaptation of Fate/ Zero with these two, figured I would see how folks would think a clash between these two would fare. ), is the Lancer-class Servant of Bazett Fraga McRemitz in the Fifth Holy Grail War of Fate/stay night. Let’s say Saber alter doesn’t have unlimited mana, rin as master and no shadow or assassin. She asks him the details of when he fought a dark lord on Planet Lothian since such confidential data isn't found in the school's database. [HF/Lost Butterfly Spoiler]Saber Alter vs. Berserker. Rider then carries an unconscious Sakura and a gravely-injured Rin to safety while Shirō ensures the Holy Grail's destruction. Probably the best thing Ufotable or anyone else has animated for a Fate/ battle sequence. Berserker with Ilya as master. best. Library. ∞ Black Bean Paste → ∞ Chestnut Paste EMIYA Alter(エミヤ オルタ, Emiya Oruta?) 160. Shadow. Agravain however tells her that she needs to find a job to her dismay. She readies to remove the crystal since information leaks and unknown elements aren't permitted in battle. Saber Alter vs Berserker. They ready to fight again when X considers X Alter to be a Saber due to her face, which X Alter accepts and feels a burden has been lifted her. Amv Fate saty night archer vs berserker. She recounts vague memories of her sitting bored with the other members of the Black R.O.U.N.D.S. Originally the only reason Saber Alter won that fight was because of the shadow. Share URL. 1 Profile 1.1 Identity 1.2 Appearance 1.3 Personality 2 Role 2.1 Fate/Grand Order 2.1.1 Shinjuku Phantom Spirit Incident: Malignant Quarantined Demonic Realm 2.1.2 SE.RA.PH. Favorite. Search. 5:08 【FGO】水着:織田信長 宝具+ALLスキル&バトルアクション【Fate-Grand Order】oda nobunaga〔 Berserker〕NP+allskill&BA. 1 Summary 2 Powers and Stats 2.1 Noble Phantasms 2.2 Class Skills 2.3 Personal Skills 3 Others Berserker is the Berserker-class Servant of Kariya Matou during the Fourth Holy Grail War. | Fate/stay night - Saber VS Berserker | 1080p 60FPS | Upscaled to 1080P using "Waifu2x: Image Super-Resolution for Anime-Style Art" and motion interpolated to … F/GO Stage 3 Heaven's Feel. Watch Fate_stay night- Heaven’s Feel ll - Saber Alter Defeats Berserker [4K 60FPS] - YouTube - Devarsh Bhatt on Dailymotion Meanwhile, Rider and Waver encounter Archer on the bridge. One realizes that despite the reports saying she lost memories, X Alter also understands the situation clearly. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. X believes she is taking over her room, and readies to fight her again. Anti-Unit[1] Fate Fate Stay Night Havens Feel . Saber Alter. Original Excalibur is superior. Log in or sign up to leave a comment Log In Sign Up. An unknown time later, X Alter meets X who wonders if she is a Saber. MHX Alter appears very briefly as one of the Servant reinforcements summoned by Nobukatsu to defend Toyotomi’s fortress, ironically alongside her hated foe, Mysterious Heroine X. Medea comments on how cute she and her rival are. Play. Primary franchise: [1], A diligent girl with an unassuming attitude. Saber Alter vs Berserker. Later in her room, she asks Ritsuka what she should do. NP: 2560x1600 Anime Fate/stay Night Movie: Heaven's Feel … She then hears a knock on the door and permits them to enter, but they do not do so. After the castle collapsed, he and others conducted thorough search, but they were unable to find Agravain's body nor the ceremonial rites for creating artificial Servants. The Shadow and Saber Alter eventually arrive, bringing about a situation where Berserker must fight in order to protect Ilya, even against her orders to retreat. The person tells her that those who believe her potential are waiting, and a large-scale attack by the Villains will soon commence. 40 comments. save. Alter is just a slighty worse but slighty sturdier Saber in the end, the only reason she performed the way she did was because the connection with Sakura let her overcome her disadvantages to the point they were irrelevant,no more no less, her mana burst the thing that lets her trade blows with Herc without transforming in a pulp in the first place is basically at 100% all the time and doesn't run out, Excalibur is at the maximum output too and she regenerates insanely fast, she is brute forcing her wayto victory, without that normal Saber is much better to deal with Herc. Mysterious Heroine X (Alter) Her favorite food are sweets. spoiler. Alter X readies to destroy him, but Agravain tells her to go to a new land and search for a superior Master. 4. Fair fights with Herc will almost always end up with him winning. Though her class has changed from Avenger to Berserker, she does not seem to have changed on the inside very much. Her physical attributes are greater than Saber's, because she's not holding back as much, and is using her Dragon Core to full extent. hide. Close. Meanwhile, Rider and Waver encounter Archer on the bridge. 66% Upvoted. He says he fought valiant and fell into the castle's reactor core, though whether it was accidental or intentional is unknown. Follow. The jumping around the mansion allows for more diverse choreography, but him being stuck in the mud in the VN and basically having to fight a desperate defensive battle against Saber Alter with the mud slowly ripping away at him and cutting off his movement the whole time has its own merit. 1:38. X Alter then protects protects Ritsuka from X's attack. [1], She employs many diverse, strangely familiar techniques such as the psychokinetic power "Alter Choke", or the special move "Alter Lightning" that releases magical energy from the tips of her arms. Fullscreen. C[1] Emitting a red magical energy, the "Wicked Holy Sword, Necrocalibur" can freely transform into a twin-blade or a chain-sword, but it often breaks and explodes. Mysterious Heroine X (Alter) He then has her and X do a mock battle, and he'll judge her enrollment based on the results. She notes all the Saber class students are all sighing in relief knowing X is gone. One can also say he is casually hiding from work. Japanese sweets [1], Fundamentally, a sloven person who tends to think of most things as bothersome. • Épisode 15: L’oriflamme à l’épée ailée • Épisode 16: La forêt des trolls • Épisode 17: Le monde astral • Épisode 18: Le combat à mort contre la horde • Épisode 19: Les arcanes de la prière • Épisode 20: La corruption de Qliphoth • Épisode 21: L’armure du berserk • Épisode 22: Le départ sous les flammes Playing next. Share to Reddit. MHX Alter and the others are swiftly defeated by Fujimaru, Okita, Nobunaga, and Hijikata. B[1] This thread is archived. save. She then removes the crystal, telling them that may the Alterium be always with them. Reminder that Salter's Luck is degraded because she and Sakura have no synchrony. Share to Twitter. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, More posts from the fatestaynight community. Fate Stay Night [Realta Nua] Vita OP(Saber Route Ver.) X tells him she about to give X Alter a tour, assuming she is a transfer student. Saber Alter Vs Berserk. A diligent girl with an unassuming attitude. B[1] Agility: On Planet Lothian, X Alter is talking with Ritsuka, addressing them as Servant AUX Voloid K6-X4. Add to Collection. Follow. Her glasses are a necessary item to relax her boosted optic nerves. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast . Servant Universe C[1]

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