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Blasters Of The Universe PSVR Review | Watch This Before You Buy!!! At the moments I have spent about three and half hours in the game, and got through them on casual, but only through world one on hell mode. The gun customisation is really going to be your friend and help with the difficulty the game brings with it. It’s some of the most fun I’ve ever had in a VR shooter, and has almost no meaningful flaws to speak of. There are multiple shield types, and the gun has as many as 130,000 customization combinations. Yes, the worlds are all bit open in design, but given the amount of the projectiles coming at you and the size of the bosses this is really needed to keep a clear view on what is coming. It works great on a technical level and the gun customisation is a strong point, but at only four levels it's over too quickly and despite being 'bullet hell' it doesn't feel too different to … The visuals and music are appropriately neon and electronic, and there is a feeling of being in a Tron-like world. Depending on the difficulty level you chose depends on how many hearts you are given, on casual you get five on hell you get four. This really adds to the immersion of the setting of the game, and really drags you into these worlds. From then on, he was afflicted with epic RPGs, tense shooters, and deep strategy games, never becoming skillful, but never able to quit. So, does the fresh take on a popular VR genre make a good game? Taking a cue from Tron, Blasters of the Universe is set inside an arcade game ruled over by a — no other word for it — dick-ish tyrant. When you unlock all the parts, there really is no best choice, and I liked being able to choose what was best for me through trial and error. 84 PCVR. - VRFocus "It’s a wave shooter but it’s definitely one of the more polished and enjoyable entries into the genre on Rift and Vive." Pure PlayStation is a part of the Pure Games Media group. Do you remember those side-scrolling Bullet Hell games? As with the bosses of old in these sort of games, it is going to be essential you learn the bosses attack pattern – which will change throughout the battle as their health gets lower, and the difficulty gets harder. Unrated. At the same time you will also have to make sure other projectiles aren’t coming at you from another direction. Magam se hittem volna, hogy egy VR árkád játék ennyire tetszeni fog, de lehet ez annak is köszönhető, hogy amiket eddig kaptunk hasonló stílusban PSVR-ra, azok meg sem közelítették ezt a színvonalat. Blasters of the Universe is a great VR shooter, especially with its relatively low price of $15. Blasters of the Universe is the latest title to scratch our itchy trigger fingers. Lastly they have added the sort of robotic voice of Alwyn who is constantly taunting you, and making many references to the 80’s pop-culture at the same time. This is just the start to the tactics, more come in as it comes to avoiding these projectiles. Blasters of the Universe may look like just another wave shooter in VR at first sight, but look beyond that and you’ll see a Playstation VR release that gamers should be excited about. A boss battle. Blasters of the Universe is another great addition to a library growing with promise. Those preferring an easier experience can tone down the action with the all-new Casual mode that brings down the difficulty of enemies’ attacks. So, does the fresh take on a popular VR genre make a good game? Everything is scored, and there are leaderboards for bragging rights with your friends. The 4 stages still took me hours to get through on both difficulty settings and the gameplay is solid and unique. Blasters of the Universe is a bullet-hell, arcade-style VR first-person shooter that excels in nearly every way that it should. I did not place highly on the leaderboards, but it opens up opportunities for more variations on the gameplay. Blasters of the Universe is a great PSVR shooter for the more active users out there. Blasters of the Universe for the PSVR gives you a gun, a shield, and sends you to first person, VR bullet hell. Shooters on PSVR are ten a penny, but Blasters of the Universe brings something new to the genre by chucking bullet hell games into the blender. Blasters of the Universe is an absolute blast to play with silky smooth motion control and headset tracking that allows for precise shots to be pulled off with ease. If you are looking for something a little different and have some extra room to move, give Blasters of the Universe a try. Blasters of the Universe brings something new to the PSVR with its VR bullet hell concept, and the game works well. Mixing and matching weapon parts in the armory really lets you pick how you want to play. Lastly, they are bringing weekly challenges to the game, with the current on being kill fifteen airborne enemies in the quickest time. Now, this all might sound a bit samey at the moment to what is already on the market, but let me explain the main difference. So, it is now your job to enter this machine and take down Alwyn. Critics Review Range 3% 3% 20% 75%. Making the dodging mechanic equal to or even more important than the use of the shield. Go back to the top, refresh the page, and then read some of our lovely words. - Duration: 4:06. The difficulty can be a little uneven, but you can expect to die when you first start playing. The final part of the tactics comes with the customisation of your blaster, this can help you more and more as you progress. Blasters of the Universe is the first of its kind, … In cooperation with Secret Location, PSU is giving away 3 x PS4 North American codes for PSVR title Blasters of the Universe, and 2x North American and 1x European codes for PSVR … We’re not sure what you’re doing right the way down here – there’s nothing fun to read. Firstly, something that is different in Blasters of The Universe to other wave based shooters the game brings a story with it. You will get a number of interchangeable parts for your weapon, which will unlock as you move forward in the game. Endless mode puts you in one of the four levels and keeps throwing enemies at you until you die. Your Score 0 Summary: Features first-person bullet-hell gameplay that requires you to duck, dodge, and maneuver through myriad enemies and hundreds of bullets. Who is Alwyn I hear you ask?… Alwyn is portrayed as your typical stereotype of the 1980’s geek, who is a loser in real life but a master in his local arcade. You will fight the army of a digital emperor while firing and dodging thousands of projectiles. We did not know what we were in for and boy what a ride it has been... let's celebrate 4 yrs of amazing games and experiences by posting what was your first wow moment in VR. He built digital troops, gave himself the pompous title of Grand Master Alwyn, and hits you with dated insults as you beat him. One thing Blasters of the Universe makes you do is move – it’s essential. There is two ways of doing this dodging the projectiles or using a shield. Each enemies projectiles will come at you in a number of different patterns, so learning the best way to dodge these becomes a real skill. Blasters of the Universe for the PSVR drops you into the middle of bullet hell. PSVR is really finding its groove in 2018. I really think it was important the game came with a simple control scheme because you really do need to keep and eye on what is coming at you. One of PSVR’s most pleasant left-field surprises to date, Blasters of the Universe elevates straight-forward VR shooter mayhem with top-notch presentation and killer customisation. This is where the wave based shooter mechanic comes in, of course as you would expect Alwyn is going to use his minions to try to stop you. None of them are horrible, but Blasters of the Universe does have a few negatives in its movement. Polish Paul VR Your PSVR dude 1,101 views. You really need to consider your actions and in most cases switch this up at times – even though the larger one produces the most a group of smaller ones firing them at you from all different angles will make them just as lethal. Blasters of The Universe has made it’s way over to Playstation VR, bringing with a wave shooter with a huge difference. I found that when I died although at times I could feel a little frustrated (especially when dying on the boss), I still had that one more go attitude and jumped straight back in – showing the although I was getting frustrated I was still having a barrel load of fun playing this game. Arcades that allowed us to test our skills, to see who could get the highest score, and it even gave us the ones who never knew when to leave and felt that they had to stay and beat the younger generation of players. Jason became terminally addicted to videogames after receiving the NES at an early age. The game ships with four worlds, with the aforementioned two difficulty levels. The truth is, once you really learn the gameplay mechanics of this game, you'll discover that it has playability and depth in spades. If you don’t kill the enemies on-screen quickly enough, new enemies will join them. Other than this the game can be played in either a seated or standing position, both do work well and tracking is responsive both. The guns have plenty of customization options, enabling you to adapt your weapon to your personal style. Given the 1980’s bullet hell feeling the game play brings, they have taken the correct approach with the presentation, by bringing that 80’s sci-fi look with it. On paper, it may not sound like it works, but the game is pretty fun. It gave us The Matrix, The Mighty Ducks, Wayne’s World, and it even gave us arcades. If you buy something from our links, we may make a small commission which goes towards keeping the lights on and coffee in the pot. My body has been finely honed by years of working in a sit-down job, so I worked up a sweat while playing Blasters of the Universe. Thanks, you sexy beast. You can be focused on your left only to get hit from your right, in front, above you, or all at the same time. Available On "Blasters of the Universe isn’t just a highscore chase; it’s a videogame with genuine depth." But if it is only 4 or 5 hours im not that excited. Fortunately, you can give as good as you get. Dodge intricate bullet patterns as you blast your way through an unrelenting onslaught of enemies with a fully customized weapon and shield loadout. Blasters of the Universe Steam Store. Each time you are hit you lose a heart until you fail, and like the recent hit title Cuphead you are placed back at the beginning when you fail. This addiction grew to include PC gaming and was cemented with the launch of the PS2. Yes, it’s a little on the short side, but the replayability is there. The controls are among the best in terms of responsiveness and retaining full control over within VR, plus the shooting feels fun and not like a chore. The team at Secret Location have made a game that is the perfect balance of frustration and fun, and totally addictive at the same time. You will fight the army of a digital emperor while firing and dodging thousands of projectiles. Using the Move controllers, you have a shield in one hand and a gun in the other. The use of a review code does not affect my judgement of the game. To keep up to date with all of our latest news and reviews, follow us on Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube. Blasters of the Universe requires two PlayStation Move controllers, one for shield-wielding and one for brandishing a weapon with over 130,000 ways to customize it to match the player’s style. We sometimes link to online retail stores. The story is light, and the developers wisely didn’t overdo it. High. Intense gameplay is heavily reliant on physical movement, requiring the player to duck, dodge, twist, turn, and maneuver their way through tons of enemies and hundreds of bullets. For the purposes of transparency, this review was created using a code provided by the company or their respective PR company. Also available on HTC Vive, Oculus Rift and Windows Mixed Reality Firstly, something that is different in Blasters of The Universe to other wave based shooters the game brings a … Meaning it leaves the choice to you, do you look at taking out the smaller less powerful enemies or the larger enemies that create more projectiles first? Blasters of the Universe. Buy PSVR Hygenic Covers ( ... Blasters of the Universe is easily worth the $15 price tag. This is where the story comes in, Alwyn’s local arcade brings in VR, and in Tron-esc style Alwyn manages to transport himself into this arcade machine. However, you shield can only take so much damage before it is disabled, meaning it’s not just a case of the holding the shield up over your head. Overall, Blasters of the Universe is a solid addition to Sony’s PSVR line-up. I loved the demo, the graphics and gameplay. As you would expect the one you use for your gun, you will only really need the trigger to shoot. Blasters of the Universe asks you to weave your head through a barrage of bullets. If you are looking for a VR shooter, this is good stuff. He continues to play games (poorly) and share his passion for them to anyone willing to listen. Blasters of The Universe brings with it a unique take on the wave based shooter genre, which is something we have not seen since Superhot VR. The Challenge mode will be updated regularly, so that players will always have something new. Originally available as an early access title on Steam way back in the … Every enemy has unique movement and attack patterns. Personally, I cant wait Blasters of the Universe because I love bullet hell games and the shooting and dodging/shield mechanics look really fun. Developed by Toronto-based studio Secret Location, the game combines a slick, neon-saturated 80’s aesthetic with bullet hell elements to create a sublime shooter that manages to stand out from the pack. Then the team have added endless mode and leaderboard’s to the game, with the most challenging one and the one will give players bragging rights being the endless mode leaderboard. But, the slow motion explosion and the parts flying everywhere upon defeating one is certainly satisfying. These options unlock as you play through the levels. Review Disclaimer: This review was carried out using a digital copy of the game provided by the publisher. As previously mentioned your head is the only target on the game, meaning this is what you have to protect. When I played, they gave me two different guns, no shield, and no special. I pulled out the connectors once by stepping on them and generally tugged at them here or there. 88% Positive. The levels are very much like they have been pulled out of an 80’s cheaply made futuristic movie with all the brighter tints to the levels in the neon like colours and the design of the virtual minions. Blasters of The Universe has made it’s way over to Playstation VR, bringing with a wave shooter with a huge difference. Meaning Blasters of The Universe gives you plenty of reasons to load it back up. Meaning there is some tactical thinking needed when playing the game, because leave enemies too long and the amount of projectiles coming at you will soon be unavoidable. Blasters of the Universe for the PSVR gives you a gun, a shield, and sends you to first person, VR bullet hell. Beszéljünk arról, miért is sikerült rettentően jól a Blasters Of The Universe PlayStation VR-ra! 77 PSVR. After my first night watching glowing red bullets whiz past my head in Blasters of the Universe, I awoke the next morning, muscles aching.With a PSVR strapped to my head and two Move controllers in hand, I had ducked and dodged in ways my body is rarely familiar with. It's … With tons of gun customizations, two difficulties, an endless mode, and an updated challenge mode, there is more than enough fun here to recommend it. PSVRlife 118: Pixel Ripped 1995, Spuds Unearthed, Walking Dead: Saints and Sinners May 10, 2020; PSVRlife 117: Sharknado, Disaster Report 4, A Room Where Art Conceals April 19, 2020; PSVRlife 116: Paper Beast, Final Assault, A-Tech Cybernetic, and Good Goliath April 5, 2020; PSVRlife 115: The Room VR, The Assembly, and Skyrim VR March 23, 2020; PSVRlife 114: Freediver, Separation, and … The shooting is satisfying, the boss fights are challenging, and the tracking and animation are spot on. Blasters of the Universe is just another wave shooter, in the same way that Starbucks is just another coffee shop. All of these are balanced out by how quickly you can reload with how quickly you can fire with the amount of damage you cause. When it comes the length of the game this really comes down your own personal skills. Out Now On PSVR. Four years ago Sony released PSVR to the world. Then they add to this the synth like music that perfectly suits the game and the worlds you are placed in. Secret Location’s brilliant little VR bullet hell game, Blasters of the Universe, finally made its way out of Early Access in mid-2017 on Rift and Vive, and now it’s coming to PlayStation VR, too. Grand Master Alwyn and his forces are challenging in casual and hell difficulties, and the extra modes give a shorter game a little replayability. But then one day, something new comes in to play. With a main enemy you will love to hate for the torrent of abuse he will throw at you, to the gunplay and the dodging you can tell the team knew what they wanted to make. In this world he has control over countless minions. But the game opens so much more for replay value when you have got through the worlds, this starts by the number of combinations you can make from the gun parts, so you can revisit the worlds and play them in a different way. - Upload VR Even though only your head can take damage, I had to duck, lean left and right, and twist my body to avoid one more hit. What is your reward for defeating his minions and reaching the end of each stage? The 80s cartoon style visuals, combined with the trance music, create a charmingly frantic environment for a … I played them both, and casual does not necessarily mean easy. It’s colorful and the levels all reflect some part of his 90s-influenced world, including the goofy  parts of the final boss. Steam. Dodge intricate bullet patterns as you blast your way through an unrelenting onslaught of enemies with a fully customized weapon and shield loadout. It’s easy to move far to the left or right when dodging so be extra mindful of your space. However, I found standing is the most effective way to play the game for the dodging, as this made it a lot easier. You can then mix and match these parts to make the gun of your choosing. 4:06. Low. If you beat the game, there are two other modes to enjoy. When it comes to the other control the trigger will bring up your shield or place them depending on your customisation choices, and the move button will give you a new clip if needed – which you then just move to towards the other controller to reload. The best thing about it all is they have executed it all perfectly, and in turn have given a genre that was getting a little dull a blast of neon light. Community Opinions. The story is light, and the developers wisely didn’t overdo it. The other issue is that the cord on the PSVR also got in my way. It can be a little trial and error until you get the correct gun for the stage you are facing, but this is not much of an issue with Blasters of The Universe. Developer: Secret Location. 78 VRGC. Meaning you make a more powerful gun which bullets may travel a little slower, or a more rapid one which the bullets hit more immediately but do lesser damage. You can pick different barrels, clips, frames, and ammo types. Contagion VR: Outbreak PSVR Review - Duration: 7:47. Blasters of The Universe can only be played using two Move Controllers, one that controls your gun and one to control your shield and reloading your gun if using a clip. And my least excited game is Moss. Just don’t blame us when you dodge into your favorite lamp. Blasters of the Universe is the first of its kind, bringing the bullet hell genre into first person VR. Well that is what Blasters of The Universe throws at you but in VR – but your head replaces the genre typical ship you would usually control. There are times when the screen is covered with reddish-orange dots, and five hits are all that separate you from restarting and beating the end boss of every level. You are a blaster who’s job it is to take down Alwyn. Your enemy in the digital world was an egotistical arcade hero in the 90s who uploaded his mind into virtual reality. Blasters of the Universe is the first of its kind, bringing the bullet hell genre into first person VR. This site is not affiliated with or sponsored by Sony. The 90’s. I may be a bit more rowdy than you when playing, but be aware that it can be a problem. PCVR PSVR Blasters of the Universe . Copyright © 2020 Pure PlayStation/Pure Games Media LTD - All Rights Reserved. The game really did make me work up a sweat like Superhot VR, as I found myself ducking, weaving and sometimes jumping to dodge the projectiles – especially in hell mode as the sheer amount of projectiles can result in constant moving. This also brings with the huge amount of projectiles that the old style games used to throw at you also. The reason for this is, although the games difficulty is punishing from the first level to the last, the team at Secret Location have made the game just as addicting as it is frustrating. Average. If you are going to play, you will need a little extra room to maneuver. For more information, please read our Review Policy. Sony Offers 25% Discount on 12 Month PS Plus Membership (UK/EU), Pre-Order Detroit: Become Human Get Heavy Rain For Free, PS Store Exclusive. You will cut him down to size over four levels, and each level can be played in Hell or Casual difficulty. Each component choice is visible on your gun and can be tested against the static targets in the armory. On paper, it may not sound like it works, but the game is pretty fun. My first WOW PSVR moment was when I hooked up my PSVR on launch day and put in Batman VR as my first game.

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