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Goode, another Utah ski manufacturer at the base of the Wasatch mountains, claim to have built the first carbon ski. Now there is a blast from the past. This fall, I went to visit their newly restructured space in the Granary District of Salt Lake City. This is unlike traditional ski builds that rely on a single core. Win some, loose some. The women’s lengths are appropriate for skiing and touring. I would not describe this ski as playful, but the strength does allow a skier to get a ton of power out of it on a groomer, which is unlikely for a ski this width. LIKE NEW - 20/21 Atomic Backland 117 Skis 191 - with Atomic Shift MNC 13 Bindings & NEW SKINS. The skis then receive a high end factory tune at this stage. The Tour 1 is featherweight, but takes on characteristic carbon chatter when put into variable snow. Not sure if that is correct or not. Co-op offers, events & cool new gear. I feel like I understand the dps make-up and magic a bit better now. Involved in the creation of rockered skis, carbon fiber sandwich construction, spoon shaping, and other boundary-pushing developments, the company continues to make a name for itself (and its touring skis), in Salt Lake City, Utah. They cut and sand the individual skis out of their single pressed molds. The issue is that nobody outside of DPS has skied them yet. For good reason: the generous rocker and PaddleTech geometry make skiing easy. Not cutting them! Kevin, pictures are indeed always good with these factory visit posts. Here a base structure is being put into a freshly split twin. The 87 is a classic touring ski with a mediu.. Was hard to get an idea of their new facility with the limited pictures. You can see the unique ski press in the background of this shot. This stack of materials is glued together with layers of epoxy resin; painted in between like frosting in a layer cake. The 2021 DPS Pagoda Tour 94 C2 backcountry ski Photo courtesy of DPS DPS’ new Pagoda Tour line is most notable for bringing back integrated foam into its core. Wood and foam are laminated and layered into blanks. $1,299.00 (0) 0 reviews. As the lightest and skinniest ski in the DPS touring lineup, the Cassiar 87 Tour1 is likely to get picked on by his peers. Pre-DPS. These skis will be shipped out across the world to be skied up and down all different kinds of mountain terrain. Website Hosting Solution Powered by SchoolBlocks Tele gear morphed from cross-country skis (YAY Voile´ plate bindings); wax was smart for climbing but eventually heavy skins took over; so-called fat skis became corpulent; and bindings and boots became much lighter. Especially when skinned with carbon. DPS first entered the ski industry spotlight when they made the first ever carbon fiber sandwich ski in 2005. DPS feathers the border between a small and large scale ski manufacturer. Skeptics everywhere gasped when DPS released their original Cassiar 87, designed for hard snow and long-distance touring. Within the ranks of DPS, the ski is reputed to feel no different than an Alchemist ski but at 25% less weight. You could easily spend over $1,200 on a pair of DPS, but thankfully, the Cassiar 95 is only$799. Check them out for more specific stylistic changes. Turns out Alex and I have mutual friends through his many years spent guiding in Silverton (quintessential example of the small small world of backcountry skiing). Their Powderworks series, released every July, is your chance to be a product tester at the price of a mere $1500. The skinnier waist width of the MT90 make this touring-focused ski ideal for spring corn harvests or late season jaunts out of bounds. Big improvement over wooded touring skis from the 70’s and all others from 80’s, 90’s and beyond. Donegal High School provides equal opportunity in its programs, activities, and employment . This model is essentially identical to the Wailer with the same balsa wood and carbon fiber construction, rocker/camber/rocker profile, and width dimensions. He walked me through each room where the skis are manufactured, explaining each step of what goes into making a pair of the new Pagoda Tour skis. The Pagoda 94 is a versatile ski that is wide enough for soft snow, but excels in .. Involved in the creation of rockered skis, carbon fiber sandwich construction, spoon shaping, and other boundary-pushing developments, the company continues to make a name for itself (and its touring skis), in Salt Lake City, Utah. Less gushing would be welcome. I slaved over the post, then ran it by the company for final approval of the images, as they’d requested this as a condition of visiting the factory. See our previous DPS coverage I hadn’t heard, and a search found this: Pagoda Tour 100 RP Skis - Men's - 2020/2021. DPS is about the mystery encountered in a slide across deep snow. I picked up a pair of Pagoda 112’s this summer and can’t wait to get them into the backcountry powder. Pagoda is a new type of carbon ski construction. Designed and Developed by WildSnow, Naxo Backcountry Skiing Bindings – Info Index, Silvretta Pure Backcountry Skiing Bindings – Info Index, Fritschi Backcountry Skiing Bindings – Info Index, Naxo randonnee alpine touring AT ski binding FAQ, Dynafit Binding Frequently Asked Questions FAQ. Are these crass generalizations or digestible categorizations? Mine would quiver for about 20 seconds after coming to a stop. This makes it the most expensive ski we have seen to date. 1299 $ 1: DPS WAILER 112 ALCHEMIST. Not just more decades of yo-yo runs from lifts. Inside their front door was the Marketing and Administrative office. Since then the skis have gotten heavier, the designs have shifted so as to appeal more too dentists, and they kicked out the founder, Stephen Drake. 1. We like to stick up for such poor souls because they will probably have the last laugh. Just need more pics. Short for Drake PowderworkS, DPS is an innovator in ski design with an extremely loyal following. $849.95 . At VMT (in the 80s), we had some exceptional tele guests – amazing and inspiring skiers. Ash is a dense wood that provides rigidity for the ski. However the ski employs thicker prepreg carbon and dampening materials, more like DPS’ Alchemist collection, in order to create a stiu001dffer ski better engineered to handle high-speed skiing in variable conditions. If 112mm sounds a little big to be dragging up the hill all day, but you're still looking for a daily driver that can handle every condition, then you are looking for the DPS Wailer 100. Oops, that should read “Jim and Crazy Horse” above. That said, all of us here will continue to strive for balance in this sorts of posts. This specific core is a combination of Ash, Paulownia and aerospace grade foam. Hopefully they have one common thread: putting big ol’ smiles on skiers’ faces in the process. Cody In the foreground there is a layup in progress. The 87 C2 is the Long Mission Machine. The fusion of carbon technology During the final stage of the milling process, the Pagoda Tour’s profile is created and excess material is trimmed. The Tour 1 is an ultralight carbon fiber touring ski that holds a phenomenal surface area-to-weight ratio. ... Metal-Edge Touring Skis. It floats well, too, as you’d expect from a 108. Right Lou. They seem to have plenty of demand by the crowd that thinks the most expensive ski has to be the best. DPS is about the mystery encountered in a slide across deep snow. It also features a new tip shape and profile designed to eliminate worry about your tip shape and profile. 5 reviews, rating 4.2. Black Diamond Helio Carbon 88 Alpine Touring Skis. DPS does build amazing skis, but many manufacturers, are, and have been building skis with vertically laminating wood and PU foam cores for years. ngoodw01. Or everyone who reads Wild Snow is smart! Based in Salt Lake City, DPS innovates every season to meet the needs of the most demanding skiers. The crude monoski gets moved down the line to The Splitting Room. The Pagoda Tour line, unveiled at Outdoor Retailer in January 2020. The Koala started from the DPS Koalas. The Pagoda Tour is a step forward in carbon fiber ski construction. We had trouble attracting customers. Feel like companies were doing that pre 2015. To maximize glide and grip these skins are a 70% mohair/30%.. 60% cotton, 40% polyester, 101% cool. They’re not intended as criticism, but neither do we want them to be a fluff piece. That means one of the most popular downhill skis of all time should become one of the most popular touring skis of all time. After a healthy amount of inquiry/pestering, I was invited down to see how the Pagoda Tour skis are made: from rough cut wood plank beginning to snow slashing finish. That’s happened to me many times in Europe. Collectively, ski gear became much lighter. I hope Drake controls his own brand again soon. At least the drill shavings came up black on the pair I mounted from that era. I love them both. Model: Price Reviews Rating; DPS Wailer 112RP Hybrid. Anti-Spam Quiz: Name device, attaches boot to ski? We all love skiing fresh powder, but the story is a little different on the way up. How many people do they employ? Each pair of skis gets passed through a finishing room where they are inspected under bright light on a familiar-looking tuning bench. Generous tip and tail rocker make the ski playful in deep conditions. The intent is to present something interesting to check out with your morning coffee. DPS - 184 Tour1 Wailer 112 - 184 - M. Dps Wailer 112 Tour1 184 with Dynafit ST Radical bindings and adjustable mounting plate. From the front door of their offices, you can easily check snow coverage throughout the Wasatch. Food for thought…. DPS layers the core materials with a traditional sandwich lamination, but in multiple vertical orientations. The fusion of carbon technology The ski is layered like a Pagoda, with a unique vertically laminated and horizontally layered construction. Do it. The Splitting Room was capitalized for unsolicited dramatic effect. “The DPS Pagoda Tour 106 C2 rightfully takes its place within the ‘featherweight’ touring skis category” With that architectural thinking in mind, note that DPS’ Pagoda construction features two layers of wooden cores. 1 color available. DPS Wailer 112RP Skis. ParkCity2010. A big takeaway that I took from the DPS facilities is to strive for excellence as a process, not an end goal. DPS skis were founded in 2005 by passionate skiers Stephan Drake and Peter Turner. Another classic pow ski come to mind when I read this. The OG lotus 120’s and 138’s were visionary designs. Plastic is heated up and injected into the circumference of the ski to create a single sidewall. Merging the ultralight Tour 1 with the stable Alchemist. DPS Skis Koala F119 Ski. Those letters denote the shape and construction. So with that brief debrief into DPS jargon, let’s get to know DPS, their factory, and their new Pagoda Tour ski line. Once this process is finished, the core looks like a fancy 2” x 36” plank with a pair of skis drawn on top with melted plastic. New Unisex 2020 Blizzard ZERO G 95 Alpine Touring Skis Without Bindings. So only smart people can appreciate Lou’s writing? Differences include swapping the blue topsheet design for purple, and a shorter 158-centimeter option. The new DPS Pagoda Tour line is a nimble, powerful, and smooth-riding lightweight option for backcountry skiers. Dynafit Seven Summits Set Ski. The 106 is not just a new width for the Wailer. I would not recommend these as someone’s primary backcountry touring ski, too heavy for long approaches. Perfect composition for sweat-wicking and breathability in the summer months while you dream about winter. I bought my first pair of DPS Wailer 112’s about 12 years ago on recommendation from a ski buddy in SLC. Because they push the boundaries of the ski-construction universe, DPS colle… DPS wants you to save all your leg burn for the way down. Sign up for REI emails. $1,000. Raw materials are received at a loading bay and organized onto shelves. That’s the beauty of backcountry skiing: you define your own rules. For high volume ski touring, steep-and-rowdy firm-snow ski mountaineering, and work-week exercise skinning, a lightweight set-up based on the K2 WayBack 80 is just the ticket. The continuity of the sidewall installation can better absorb energy and creates a more durable ski. The vertical orientation adds more labor and precision to building the core, but increases rigidity with the same amount of materials. Most guests used AT gear; some opted for rental skis with AT bindings. What does DPS -- a company that made a name for itself with banana-rockered, water-ski-esque powder boards -- know about edge hold an.. Like a spa day in motion, enjoy long outings in the mountains with the new DPS Pagoda Tour 94: powerful yet light enough to keep your legs fresh after a demanding approach. Outdoor Gear Exchange has the latest skis from brands synonymous with superior performance like Atomic, Kastle, DPS, Blizzard, Volkl, and many more. If you prefer to just ski and not think about your skis and how to turn them, check out the 106. Laminating wood and PU foam, either vertically or horizontally, improves the strength to weight ratio as well as adding the damping qualities of PU into the core. While they’re a little beat up after many hundreds of ski days, I’m still skiing them on powder days. Sure. (See the DPS Tour 1 review for a great backcountry ski) The added weight is great for resort skiers, I was able to ski these at Mammoth after their 20ft storm and these were the best powder skis I may have ever skied. Give us feedback on this page. One, we stand by that assessment. Digging into innovation behind ski construction is fun, fascinating, and nothing new. This creates a vertically laminated core of ash, paulownia and foam rather than individual horizontal layers of each material. 5: DPS Alchemist Wailer 100RP. After passing inspection, skis are mounted and PHANTOMed and shipped off to their new mountain homes — be it Hokkaido, Japan or a few miles away in Little Cottonwood Canyon. As for the tone of the post, I read through it and it seems okay to me, so long as it’s viewed through the lens of not being a “review” but rather a basic report. @2020 - All Rights Reserved. The Tour 1 and the Alchemist stand at two opposite ends of ski touring construction: uphill and downhill oriented [respectively]. 10% PRICE DROP. I’d add that during this evolution of North American huts , the huts in the Alps, Norway and elsewhere were going great guns. This room consists of a few industrial bandsaws and belt sanders. The Cassiar 95 is an all-mountain shape that often tricks us into thinking it’s a big-mountain ski. The first room of the construction process is the core room. Rarest things on the internet these days. Behold, the DPS empire has moved to the Far East with the new Pagoda line, but the banana shapes of their previous Jamaican-reggae skis have stuck around for the trip. After the sandwich is set, it gets pressed in a high pressure, high temperature oven to receive its final profile. DPS’s core innovation is adding multiple layers of vertically laminated core material at different grain orientations to provide even more rigidity and energy for (roughly) the same material use. DPS created new techniques to make a lightweight, yet robust backcountry touring ski, and all to our benefit, cheers team. Everything you need to go skiing, skip the rental line and own your own gear this season! One is a paradigm-shifting powder ski, the other is a healthy snack. The 2021 DPS Pagoda Tour 94 C2 backcountry ski Photo courtesy of DPS DPS’ new Pagoda Tour line is most notable for bringing back integrated foam into its core. — Vertically laminated core of ash, paulownia and aerospace grade foam This is a specialized tool. Best of all, the Classic Tee says DPS on it and has a tear-away tag. The 106 C2 is the Do-It-All Jack-Of-All-Trades DPS used it’s Tour1 layup, including the carbon and glass laminates, t.. You know what's easier than cutting skins to fit your skis? DPS MARK. Could you elaborate more on how foam is used effectively? Dentists?? (one word English answer). These boards are light and make skiing more fun due to their turn-ability. https://blisterreview.com/industry-news/dps-skis-co-founder-stephan-drake-no-longer-with-dps, Happy Holidays and Powder Turns from WildSnow, Outdoor Research Carbide W Jacket & Bib Review. What could be more important and award-worthy than fun? The Core is received next door where the ingredients for the Pagoda Tour sandwich are put together. Here, the skis are finally split into their destined two-planked glory. The multi-layered core is then milled to give the ski its length and shape, and receives its pour-in sidewall. I have retired after 50 years, but have not retired after 50 years of on and off piste skiing. The layup room is where the pieces of the puzzle all come together before getting glued, pressed, and stamped. The foam demonstrates a recursive theme with the Pagoda Tour. $500. Hey Jim, I’m still here! DPS also makes a women’s-specific version of the ski: the Zelda 106 Tour1. A win for the ladies! Slightly softer than the Pure3 line, the Wailer 99 Tour1s maintain a high degree of torsional sti.. DPS's ventures into the far ends of the randonnee galaxy began when founder Stephan Drake found himself chasing winter in the Chilean mountains, looking for a ski that would perform as well on re-frozen Portillo crud as it shredded in the Colorado blower .. I’ll add my name to those who miss the personalized flavor that Lew lent to the old site. Apologies Alex if I put you on the spot here. The 100 RP is the Agile Couloir Technician DPS Skis Pagoda Tour 94 C2 Alpine Touring Ski. This is a sturdy skier’s ski—a strong confidence inspiring, edge-biting, downhill charging ski. Saunas crackled, fine dining went alpine, and (some) prices went steep and deep (into the wallet). Great article! However, I find it helpful to get DPS’s design intent distilled into one proper noun declarative. Replacing the Tour1, the new Pagoda Tour line has options in two classic DPS shapes: the C2 for directional chargers, and the RP with more tip … It’.. Of course, we’re used to race skis and not the 138mm wide Lotus Spoon which put DPS on the map. Jon, good hut history overview, thanks. They’re expensive skis, but they have outlasted many other skis in my quiver from other manufacturers. The DPS Pagoda Tour 112 RP Skis feature DPS new Pagoda Tour core - ash and paulownia combined with a full carbon layer and foam for a perfect balance of invaluable energy saving on the way up and full throttle riding on the way down. Tele guests were in the minority. The Pagoda Tour is a culmination of lessons learned from these two constructions. Agree the copy seemed a little too much like a press release, but still enjoyed. This past spring, a local DPS employee mentioned their new skis — the Pagoda Tour Series — would be built entirely in Salt Lake City. If you find yourself skinning up the approach to a popular powder-lapping spot with the hopes of scoring a few pre-dawn turns before the masses track things out, you'd be forgiven for thinking that the folks you pass in the skintrack were on their way to .. I now have Alchemists for lift serviced skiing and the lighter Tour for all else. I think many European skiers had a historic cultural connection with huts and cottages (even family huts), going back many years, or decades, or more. The C2 is a reliable, predictable ski that will make you feel like a deep-turn-carving rockstar. The Alchemist is an all-mountain carbon fiber ski designed to be the perfect 50/50 backcountry/resort hybrid. Let DPS do the hard work and pair these mixed mohair skins with your new DPS skis for the perfect fit out of the box. Alex Hunt (Marketing and Communications Manager) was my tour guide through the factory. Hexcell! They now produce a gamut of ski shapes and constructions for all the flavors of skier preference: from playful powder boats to fall line chargers. And two, we mean it in the most endearing way possible. DPS has struck a chord with their carbon fiber skis by balancing the carbon liveliness with other techniques and materials that bring dampening and stability — all without adding excessive weight. Press enter for more information. Alex looked at me here and said in a dramatic tone, “This is where the twins are split.” That stuck with me. 5 5 out of 5 stars … — Proprietary pre-impregnated carbon fiber weave The 94 C2 is the Mountain Tool The DPS claim to fame goes like this: “We make the world’s most advanced skis.” (Side note: they’re also famous because the skis rip). Now the skis resemble…skis! How is this foam as durable and resilient as the carbon they’re putting in the skis? 1 reviews, rating 5. Before we get into the factory visit, I’ll shed some light on what they mean. Behind another door was the manufacturing facility that produces DPS’s advanced carbon skis. By the 90s, back-country skiing slowly began to take off and flourish. Miller (rather narrowly) specialised in pow skis; that may have led to its closure. Not to mention when their newly released Wailer 112 RP started turning heads with its new-age, banana-esque look. Making their comments both useful and constructive, in guiding the future of WildSnow. Women’s Complete Ski Packages: Skiessentials.com puts together Complete Women's ski packages that include, skis, bindings, boots, and poles. The company had localized ski production into a single warehouse (aside from bending metal edges, which happens just down the street). Thank you DPS for obliging. I just picked up a new pair of 112 RP a week or so ago, and this article only increased my eagerness to try them out. DPS also makes the Lotus (powder surfing) and Koala (freestyle) shapes that we won’t get into too much detail about. Appreciate your copy editing skills as always. Stealing the legendary DPS Wailer112/Yvette‚s 3-D PaddleTech Geometry the Nina 99 is a more nimble ski with the perfect blend of rocker and variable sidecut. DPS Skis. Their goal was to develop the ultimate ski, one that delivered total satisfaction on any and all types of snow! After that edges are sharpened and bases are structured before getting sent for inspection. Meanwhile, snowboards split for the back-country (YAY Voile´ again). The narrow and stiff construction grabs on the steeps but gets bucked around in tougher snow. From shape, you can then branch out to a few different DPS constructions. I know it is aerospace grade, but what does that mean? This shape can easily ‘slarve’ turns (the beautiful slash-carve) and bounce in and out of snow like a deep powder porpoise. MCareyski. DPS Lotus 124 Foundation Skis + Marker Jester 16 ID Ski Bindings 2019 $1,178.00 $1,018.99 Sale View Selections Compare Please select at least one more item to compare. They introduced the first and only pure prepreg carbon fiber sandwich ski, the first 120mm powder pintail ski, and transferred the word "rocker" from the surf world to the ski world, where it has become ubiquitous. The Pagoda Tour layup showing the Pagoda-inspired ‘vertically laminated horizontally layered’ construction. DPS Skis Koala F119 Ski. Was DPS actually the first to do sandwich carbon skis? This model is based on the same platform as the 112, but with a narrower waist, tip and tail and features the weight savings that go — Another layer of proprietary pre-impregnated carbon fiber weave because more carbon means more rad 3. This allowed the cores to release gasses as they cured. I’ve hit many “sharks” over the years with those skis that would have been a core shot on any other ski and they are just a slight blemish on the DPS. After the factory tour, I asked Alex if he could archetype each size for the Wildsnow community. The ski utilizes DPS’ Tour 1 construction as a base, with a balsa wood core, fiberglass and prepreg carbon fiber laminates. It was still an okay post, but not the super interesting one it could have been. The recipe is as follows (from bottom to top): — Ultra High Molecular Weight polyethylene (UHMW) base with a tacked-on Rockwell 48 metal edge DPS Foundation Wailer 100RP. The DPS Nina ski is now available in the Tour construction. NJORD In my opinion the best DPS skis were made 10+ years ago. DPS Skis Pagoda Tour 87 C2 Alpine Touring Ski. Decades ago, Miller Soft skis were designed and made in Salt Lk City. And while telemark did perhaps have an evolutionary role in the development of backcountry skiing in Norway, it most certainly did not in the Alps, where the telemark turn was indeed used in the very early days as one of several common ski turns, but went away when skiers began latching their heels down, both on the piste and off. Thanks for the news about Stephan Drake and the “hostile takeover” at DPS. ASIDE: Sometimes, head-wax was involved (aka, cannabis) – best to leave that until you’re back at the hut. Press enter for more information. $899.00 . Most of our hut customers had skied for decades and yearned for off-piste, something wilder and quieter. Inside, a full karuba wood core paired with carbon fiber running the length of the ski offer responsive performance. More pictures! Belt sanders refine the skis shape and base. Aerospace grade aluminum honeycomb turned out to not be the best material in the world for dampening. DPS will never make the ‘perfect backcountry touring ski’, but they’ll keep striving towards that goal every single day. $1,299.00 . 1: DPS Spoon. BUt I could be mis remembering. Maybe you can take on the myriad of mysteries in the Lib Tech factory next 🙂. Randonnee Ski Touring “AT” ski gear — What is Hip? Dynafit Seven Summits Set Ski. 1 reviews, rating 5. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Thanks to readers who voiced positivity or useful, constructive thoughts. A Pagoda is a tiered shrine commonly found in western Asia (check out the Pagoda logo). The C2 (Chassis 2) is a more all-mountain, traditional shape that uses a longer effective edge, more traditional camber and larger turning radius. https://blisterreview.com/industry-news/dps-skis-co-founder-stephan-drake-no-longer-with-dps, Great write up! DPS Touring Skis Short for Drake PowderworkS, DPS is an innovator in ski design with an extremely loyal following. The feather weight construction flies uphill. So there are some skiers out there who are willing to pay twice as much for a DPS as an Atomic? The proximity to great skiing from the DPS factory is clearly shown here. Longtime Skimo Co shoppers will remember our remarks on the last iteration of the Waile.. Ladies, if you’re a glutton for powder, please meet the Yvette Tour1. The first step for building the Pagoda Tour, and any ski for that matter, is building the core. I think Pat at PM gear was slipping a layer of carbon in his Lahasa Pows at least ten years ago. Perfectly tuned and ready to rip. Lou. A few high end machines then put structure into the base and edges. 1299 $ 1: DPS WAILER 99 PURE3. Or a Salomon? Description The DPS Pagoda Tour 100 is a new ski construction that produces a a new line of touring skis. There’s a striking resemblance here. They got cold feet and nixed many of the best photos. DPS created new techniques to make a lightweight, yet robust backcountry touring ski, and all to our benefit, cheers team. Each model is denoted by its waist wide and shape: The 112 RP is the Pivoty Powderboat How is this not the terrible foam of yesteryear that broke down in less than a season? They have all of their facilities under one roof here in the U.S., but they ship their skis around the world and have gained global recognition. — DPS’s signature textured polyamide topsheet with a HDPE mounting plate underneath. Whether you’re looking for a lightweight touring or skimo set up to a powder hunting downhill set up. Created by professional skier Stephan Drake in 2005, the American brand DPS specializes in ski touring and is distinguished by its clean lines and unique shapes. $1,299.00 . I began by tasting the back-country in the ID Tetons and CO San Juans. DPS Skis Filter Gear guide 2021: Skis. Packages from Atomic, Blizzard, Dynastar, Head, K2, Nordica, Marker, Rossignol, Tecnica, and Volkl. As the stars of DPS Cinematic, skiers like Piers Solomon and Santiago Guzman are mixing hard-charging directional skiing in deep snow with creativity and a flair for play. Paulownia is much lighter than ash and brings with it weight savings benefits. It solves the biggest problem with carbon, well-known in skiing for its blend of light weight and power—damping. Or a Blizzard? The RP stands for Resort Powder and is a five-point shape that moves the widest part of the tip and tail closer to the middle of the ski.

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