role of teacher in modular distance learning

The impact is no longer just on the students, but the instructors at hand as well.Many teachers … Anahaw Enterprises, P.O. Unpublished Doctoral Dissertation, Columbus: Ohio State University. It is a self-contained and independent unit of instruction with a primary focus on a few well-defined objectives. The overall performance was 13.37. A module for Writing in the Discipline was developed 6 and found that the material was helpful to the students and developed the writing competencies of the students. Experiential learning answers the needs and wants of the learner and involve the learner more to initiate and evaluate himself. NARDO, M.T.B. Distance Education has been around for more than 100 years. For the evaluative tasks results, a grand mean for the control (13.37) and the experimental (21.14) registered a mean difference of 7.765 which is not significant. The results of the needs analysis became the basis of developing the modules. The relevance of the notion of learner autonomy as a goal in formal education contexts produced a need for teachers to develop expertise in teaching practice for autonomy. Learning is seen as the result of his own self-initiated interaction with the world 33. Several considerations have led to wide acceptance and sustained growth of distance education in all over the world. Schools are now beginning to train parents for the flow of modular distance learning. Materials should encourage learners to develop learning skills and skills in learning-how-to-learn. Result of Task 37 (Writing a Paragraph of Comparison) gave the control group (.20) and the experimental group (1.37) to yield a significant difference (-1.68). DEWEY, J. That is, they defined words using the B+C+A pattern, and that they expanded the definition. Since learner autonomy focuses attention on individuality and independence, it is sometimes assumed that learners make the best and fastest progress when they work on their own. Further, the results revealed that the students garnered favorable results on the evaluation of formal definitions, informal definitions, description of a process, definition and non-defining relative clauses. KNOWLES, M. 1986. The Department of Education (DepEd) constantly stresses the importance of 21 st century skills in the K to 12 curriculum, including information, media, and technology skills. Modular Distance Learning (MDL) b.1. Enter your email and we'll send you a properly formatted printable version of this essay right away. The table further reveals that the three most difficult evaluative tasks for the experimental were ET 2 (Informal Definitions) (13.47), ET 6 (Defining and Non-defining Relative Clauses) (9.21), and ET 3 (Description of a Process) (3.83). Learner autonomy is best achieved when the teacher acts as a facilitator of learning, a counsellor, and as a resource 10. The questions on writing difficulty of learners have become the focus of some researchers. Educators believe that autonomy ought to be taken as a highly desirable aim of education. How do the students score in their activities using the module? The intent is that LEAs offer in-person instruction to the greatest extent possible. The 5 materials are generally in a package and designed so that one or two students may use it without the direct assistance of an instructor (Wimmer, … Tasks designed to get learners to apply their skills need to be elaborated. Key words: teacher, social role, classification of roles, distance learning, e-learning, on-line learning, research Annotation: This review study summarises work to date on the understanding of the various roles of the teachers in cases where teaching and learning are taking place – … McGraw Hill Companies. Teachers and volunteers of a school in the Dinagat Islands ride a boat to deliver self-learning modules to learners. Part of using the module is the task of the teacher to provide reasonable feedback, monitor and help the students see that the assigned task is as valuable as other work 5. The result shows that the students in the control group had difficulty in identifying the contrasting and similar features of the given terms. Moreover, teachers are enjoined to produce quality modules that will alleviate the rigors of preparation of daily activities, and will meet the need of teachers for prepared relevant materials for students to realize their goals. An Exploration of the Relationship between Self- access and Independent Learning. The table was not totally filled out and the students got the needed details from the given paragraph. This means that the students in the experimental group were able to identify the processes involved in photosynthesis. This result shows that the control had poorly performed in the summary check. The reason is that “teacher” or “lecturer” are no longer suitable in the context of blended learning. Support teachers and teams as they design new methods to assess student learning Support teachers and teams in developing strategies to differentiate their instruction; Teachers & Advisors. Modular instruction is an alternative instructional design that uses developed instructional materials which are based on the needs of the students. Often students are asked to complete an Orientation before starting their online course. This shows that the feedback encouraged students to work more conscientiously on the assigned task. It also provides tips for communicating effectively online. The special techniques in technical writing (Module II) Module III was on the fundamentals of research writing needs of the students. Harlow: Essex: Longman. For ET 5 (Definition, Comparison and Contrast) with a total of 33 items, a mean score of 20.89 was obtained which shows that the students had answered the items on ET 5. Some of them forgot the A=C pattern because the A=B pattern was more familiar to most of the students. 107-126). Accessed on August 20, 2011. Teachers employ this method of teaching to give opportunities for students to rehearse lessons, that they need to think more and need further practicing to attain mastery in a long term. The teacher facilitates the learning process by encouraging the students to do their task, by clarifying how things should be done, and organizing learning resources that aid learning. "Modular Instruction Enhances Learner Autonomy.". In D Denham & A, Lieberman (Eds.) Learner Autonomy in Practice. However, learner autonomy does not mean that the teacher becomes redundant, implicating control over what is transpiring in the language learning process. Meanwhile, personalized learning emphasizes the central role of learners. GONZALES, E., et al. ... the lack of face-to-face interactions between student, teacher and other classmates can be problematic for those new to the distance-learning environment.

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