ruag 120 mm compact tank gun

The gun is the RUAG L50 smoothbore. The Panzer IV was the most numerous German tank and the second-most numerous German armored fighting vehicle of the Second World War, with some 8,500 built.The Panzer IV chassis was used as the base for many other fighting vehicles, including the Sturmgeschütz IV assault gun, the Jagdpanzer IV tank destroyer, the Wirbelwind self-propelled anti-aircraft gun, and the Brummbär self-propelled gun. The tank featured enhanced armor and a 120-mm gun in the oscillating turret. As it was already obvious in the early 1950s that the AMX 50 might well turn out to be too heavy — the eventual weight of 53.7 tonnes came as a shock — a parallel medium tank project was initiated in 1952: the Lorraine 40t . This gun is completed with an autoloader. The 120 millimeter L44 gun barrel has a length of 530 cm and weighs 1,190 kg. The 120mm armor-piercing armor-piercing projectile designed for this gun is claimed to have armor penetration of 600 mm homogeneous steel armor (RHA) from a distance of 3000 m (angle was not mentioned). Companies similar to or like RUAG. Each of those is much smaller than the one piece ammunition of the Rheinmetall gun. It is compatible with all standard NATO 120-mm tank ammunition. Swiss technology company, with its headquarters in … Main Battle Tank (MBT) Arjun is a multi-laboratory programme of DRDO with CVRDE as the lead Laboratory. The CV9040 uses the 40 milimetre Bofors L70 gun, the CV9035 the 35 milimetre Bushmaster III autocannon, the CV9030 the 30 mm Bushmaster II autocanon, the CV90105 prototype light tank a M68E tank gun and the CV90120 with a 120 mm Compact Tank Gun from RUAG. According to IMI who developed the 140mm round, it could penetrate back then roughly 1 meter of steel, and flew at a muzzle velocity of 1,800 meters per second. This page details the development and operational history of the XM8 / M8 Armored Gun System (AGS) (Close Combat Vehicle - Light) Light Tank … The Anders has an unmanned turret, armed with a fully-stabilized Swiss RUAG CTG 120 mm smoothbore gun. The gun was specifically modified and picked for this problem. The so-called M60 Phoenix also retains the AVDS, but this has been upgrated by General Dynamics to 950 hp output. The 120mm smooth bore tank gun, looking down the barrel. The MBTs are also being fitted with Ruag Land Systems L50 120mm smoothbore compact tank gun. IMI's MG251 120 mm gun, which is similar to Rheinmetall's L44 but with a different recoil system and more compact dimensions, was developed for Israel's Merkava Mk 3 and Mk 4 tanks and fires IMI's bespoke range of 120 mm ammunition. RUAG develops valuable innovations and internationally sought-after cutting-edge technology in the fields of aerospace and defence. Indian Army expressed interest in obtaining these new Polish light tanks. A 105-mm rifled gun was replaced by a Swiss RUAG fully-stabilized 120-mm smoothbore gun. This family of rifle cartridges has been developed especially for use in precision shooting. The commander also has a new 360 ° panoramic optic with thermal sensor. Production began in 1974, with the first version of the gun, known as the L/44 as it … A modified version of the gun designed specifically for vehicle-mounting was the 7.5 cm KwK 40, which differed primarily in using more compact ammunition, thereby allowing more rounds to be carried inside the vehicles.The KwK 40 armed many of the German mid-war tank and destroyer designs, replacing the Pak 40 in the latter role. The 120mm gun was called "120 mm D.1203", not 120 mm SA 46 Actual vehicle weight was 57,8 tons. Muzzle of a Rheinmetall 120 mm L/55 tank gun on a Spanish Leopard 2E. Armour is a standard equivalent to the third generation western and Russian MBT, electronics and computerized systems are also of high standard, making this little machine a very expensive one, at 16 million yuan apiece (equiv. The Rheinmetall 120 mm gun is a smoothbore tank gun designed and produced by the West German Rheinmetall-DeTec AG company, developed in response to Soviet advances in armor technology and development of new armored threats. The vehicle existed only in blueprints. Ammunition Depot offers a huge selection of top guns and ammo brands at low prices. FV207: An SPG variant on the basis of the FV214 (Conqueror). I'm too lazy to redesign it to become "compact" as the only thing that really matters is weig Compact 120 mm ETC tank-gun - Page 2 - Nsdraftroom The M60 "Patton" Main Battle Tank began development in 1957 to counter rumors that the Soviets were working on a new main battle tank of their own armed with a 115mm smoothbore main gun. Leonardo developed an upgrade solution for the MBT to enable greater mobility and survivability, and increased lethality. 12 rounds are kept ready in the turret bustle, with a further 33 stowed in the hull rear. Guaranteed in stock and ready to ship. Compared to its ... smaller, lighter and more compact than that of the Tiger; the sloped face of the upper part had a thickness of 85 mm. The 10, however, is still new to many and whether you like it or not, now is as good a time for a refresher. Developed as a modern main battle tank that will replace most of the remaining M48 Patton tanks and complement the K1 series of main battle tanks currently fielded by the South Korean military, the K2 Black Panther combines an auto-loaded 55 calibre 120 mm main gun, advanced composite armour along with hard and soft-kill active protection systems. The gun depression was 8 degrees while the gun elevation was 14 degrees. This light tank fires standard NATO 120 mm … Listen to the audio pronunciation of Ruag 120mm tank gun on pronouncekiwi. Firepower and lethality were significantly improved. Highlights to this tank include a rifled 120 mm main cannon turret which makes the tank capable of accurately lobbing shells over five miles. I imagine today we can get the same results with a 130mm gun. It was planned to mount either a 105 mm, 140 mm, or 152 mm howitzer in a closed armoured cabin. Thank you for helping build the largest language community on the internet. Twelve Mk 1 prototypes of MBT Arjun have been manufactured and their performance tests have provided satisfactory results. to 1,6 M Euro or two M dollars…). It can fire all types of modern NATO ammunition. It is a 120mm smoothbore, calibre Length 50 with a rate of fire of 12 – 14 rds/min. It can, however, also fire French, German or American natures if needed. It is a state-of-the-art tank with superior fire power, high mobility, and excellent protection. RUAG. With this armament, the Soviet offering was capable of outgunning the latest M48 Patton series, then the staple of the American armored corps. Bulk ammo, guns, magazines, and more! The CV90120-T main gun is the CTG 120/L50 (Compact Tank Gun) developed by RUAG. After the tank version was planned to be armed with a 120 mm gun, the Foch project was abandoned. The 120 mm ZPT98 main gun can be replaced by a 125 mm capable of firing anti-tank missiles with folded wings. The improvements include a new main gun, advanced power systems and fire control systems, and better protection systems. The biggest issue is space. Engine is considerably more powerful than it is in real life, with 1200 hp compared to the historical 850. This "Revolutionary" tank was to become the Leopard-2KW III, which was to have an armored capsule for three crew members,a 140 mm gun with automatic loader, whereby the gun … RUAG M87 120mm Mortar‎ ... 120 mortars‎ (4 C, 56 F) Soltam M-65 mortars‎ (1 C, 12 F) U UB M52 120 mm mortar‎ (3 F) Media in category "120 mm artillery" The following 64 files are in this category, out of 64 total. Sign in to disable ALL ads. Samsam (Sword) Iranian upgraded version of M60A1 tank, fitted with reactive armor (presumably Kontakt-5), EFCS-3 … Upgrade includes shoot-on-move capabilities, increased firepower (with a RUAG 120 mm smoothbore gun) and armor protection scheme upgrade. The Phoenix also has been fitted with a more modern suspension and transmission, a 120 mm RUAG Compact Tank Gun (with increased barrel length compared to the M256) and huge amounts of new composite armor. 1 x Rheinmetall 120 mm L55 smoothbore gun 1 x coaxial 7.62 mm machine gun 2 x 7.62 mm anti-aircraft machine gun ... Germany to replace the shorter 120 millimeter L44 smoothbore tank gun on the Leopard 2. How do you say Ruag 120mm tank gun? the CTG (Compact Tank Gun) 120/L50 Smoothbore managed to solve this issue thanks to the lightweight design and strong structure. The MBT-52 Kuma is a Main Battle Tank used exclusively by the AAF in ArmA 3. The tanks updated with this package always feature the 120 mm L / 44 cannon, 7.5 mm coaxial machine gun and 12.6 mm remote machine gun mounted on the turret (these are calibers mainly used by the Swiss Army). Soviet Union (1943) Heavy tank – 207 built Based on the KV-85. 10mm Auto Ammunition. Autoloader is located in the turret bustle. Topic. Self-propelled installation "Object 120" was created on the basis of the SU-152P and differed from it by the presence of a rotating turret with a 152 mm M69 smoothbore gun. FV201: "Universal Tank" (A45) 17 pdr gun (later 20 pdr) FV205: Self-Propelled Medium Anti-Tank Gun based Conqueror tank chassis. Share. There are also laser warning sensors in the kit. RUAG is similar to these companies: RUAG Space, Adval Tech Holding, Helsana and more. The 120 mm / 45 gun has high ballistics, a muzzle brake and recoil reduction mechanisms, and is also equipped with a sensor for measuring the initial velocity of the projectile. And of course that 140mm gun was also supposed to be mounted on a Merkava 4 tank, but that was cancelled obviously. The Phoenix can fire accurately on the move, while the previous M60A3 was unable to engage targets while moving. Some of the breakthroughs achieved by CVRDE during the development … RUAG’s long distance ammunition for professionals is characterized by its outstanding precision, reliability under extreme conditions and excellent penetration capability on hard targets. The gun is semi auto-loaded from the rear of the turret, with reserve ammunition stored in the rear of the chassis, which was previously used as troop transport in the prior CV 90. The British 120mm gun uses two part ammunition, with the projectile and the propellant charge being separate. Then it's a lighter, less powerful version, not compact.

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