samsung pays apple in coins

Je suis sûr que c'est le genre de choses que Steve Jobs aurait été capable de faire :D. I'm astounded so many of you believe whatever you read on the internet. No, Samsung didn't pay Apple $1bn in coins. What I'm trying to say is that MONOPOLY DESTROYS PROGRESS. stupid and fake...Apple can simply say that the money is short, Samasung then will have to count it...looooool. If this is the case, I am sure Apple will be making their payment to Samsung with the same coins for producing their parts. this really true? Article on Gadgetzz:50 cent, apple, apple california silicon valley sue samsung payment coin, Apple executives, apple troll coins, Auto, call, cent, coins, Draft, fake fool, gadgets news, payment, Pays, samsung, Samsung Electronics, security, security company, trucks, update, way, WTF. People! I think the transport bill is nothing to them after paying 1.05bilion! if you would do research and not rely on your biased opinion than you might actually have truthful statements. josh su platili extra za tih 30 kamiona :P. I think this is for real. Well that's mature. If Samsung is copying from Apple, then what about Apple copying from James Kirk's tablet from 1967? you wouldnt say that samsung is a copy cat. Okay, thanks guys. Awesome! Nobody can survive for long time to do copy of someone else content :D it's sounds funny to sending coins but nothing they proved to do it! A billion dollars is a billion dollars, period. I know what that looks like.... Not pretty! "A nickel weighs 5g. In some countries, the acceptable legal tender for 5 cent is up to 2 dollars. Samsung should intentionally pay a couple cents short just to see how Apple reacts. Anybody with balls like that gets my vote of confidence ESPECIALLY I f they stand up against the greedy bastards at Apple, Inc. it's 20 MILLION nickels people, stop saying billion and do the math right. Business always got compatators and they have to be smart to play in it :,), If i was Apple i would claim it was 1 cent short of 1 Billion Dollars. SamCoins 1.0v is now available in apps store for $1.99. xD, And a patent like this isn't childish at all..., บรรทุกเกินน้ำหนัก ถนนพังนะ แล้ว ใครจะนับเหรียญอ่ะคะ. you loved it " and the title above classified it as humor. It's Game Time! :)))). That's quite a haul for 30 trucks. Would be awesome.....but the story is apparently fake, New in the iStore... Apple releases Coin Counting App..."there's an app for that!". Or Samsung will lose money once more. More curious about the website than the news. @[610437267:2048:Srishti Seema Tomer] - wtf man.. never too good to trust you advertising/media people! People actually think that by coming to the humor section and actually READING the entire article that this is real? option expires, however most do not. If Samsung have never done this, we might using an Expensive phone with no choice. Now they will need to pay the rightful patent fees to Apple. Oh my goodness! But hey! That is what I call genius that knows how to do business. LOL penies would have been hell on earth. She offered me 2 options: 1) a rm500 rebate in my postpaid bill and I must get another 'refurbished set' replacement with DiGi. -- "There's an App for that. Me, my Symbian and my UIQ3 will be watching the war from the sidelines. Since Samsung is still appealing the ruling, this article is about as likely as Steve Jobs showing up at the appeal hearing next month. ESPECIALLY WHEN THE COMPETITION MANAGES TO GET SOME FOOTHOLD IN THE MARKET. Итого = 3 тонны))))). Finally Apple just have to pay few hundreds $ for the court, instead of millions cost of counting themselves :). Only an idiot would be an iPhone fan after Apple's recent doings. It's Korean drama style...haha. Think again. I would called " RE- DEVELOPMENT" for the BETTER and thats why the way to keep the Technology move on. Let's apply for it! Hahahaahhaaaa! but if they smart they well find a way to give it back to samsung in some way. Way to go Samsung. :P. Even a large company (Samsung) can be childish. I would rather Apple allow my original iPhone to be fix and repair, because the repair will only apply on the Volume Button, but I would not know what is the real problem of the 'refurbished handset' and whether the problem has fixed or otherwise. Now the facebook is full of idiots posting this shit as real. did that Just make apple a very fruity product? It is a bit like the Santa story. Yeah, I thought so too. Just use a scale for every 10000. It says right below the article, "You didn’t think this could be real right? ;). I can accept it ;). Apple will buy Samsung galaxy s3 with same money truck. If you want to beat Samsung, show us something. This is not true. for me...Samsung has a point...can you make triangular or circular phones??? you loved it.". So who counted all this for Samsung? Did Apple Get 1 Billion? this is what happens when samsung fucks with samsung. Initially, the security company that protects the facility said the trucks were in the wrong place, but minutes later, Tim Cook (Apple CEO) received a call from Samsung CEO explaining that they will … . Samsung should patent this payment method before Apple does so. read it earlier and it pissed me off,i ws busy laughin till i read the las line.... the question is how apple going to count the money? Fake 4 sure. It's not like they would pay 100 lawyers for 100 hours to count 5c coins up to a billion dollars. but hey! should have used 1 cent and 10 cent coins as well. Double check the end of the story you idiots. hahahahahaha.. but who lost $20 billion? There's an app for that! The 1 billion-worth coins will be transformed mainly into decorative columns for display at the Apple stores, imprinted with a slogan of “uphold creativity, respect intellectual property rights” to remind us the dedication Apple has been genuinely given to her customers. but hey! Let’s see how Apple will respond to this, P.S: This is hoax, but hilarious and creative none the less.Â, Your email address will not be published. and if its true then apple will face problem because they haven't any source to show there income by cash with a lot of coins...LOL. حلو الردح دة......ولكن هل معنى فوز آبل بالقضية ان سامسونج لصوص؟؟؟. 43:56. oh koreans you trolls but freaking dumb white people that controls apple they cant even come up with there own awesome ideas so they just sue companies that is doing way better than them and lying that they copied their idea. :). Note that this post is listed under Satire. Apple claimed that for defect iPhone handset, Apple will not go for Fix & Repair. Though they lose the battle they still had the last laugh. It's says right on the bottom that this isn't real. I just watched the videos compare in utube,they try to cheat samsung by pressing the button first on ipad and using flash while its downloading samsung is way faster & cheaper products, so apples users stop it, u will get ur $1 billion but samsung will conquer !!! Check the link.. :) although it's from's still true.. :) i won't force you to believe..i am not an apple hatter..but facts show that they are so selfish..they patented those things that are supposed to be shared..for what?to make them richer..and for you do give your money to them..being fooled..but still apple is cool..if they are not that selfish..i would have really loved them..BTW..again check if your 100% sure is 100% correct.. ;)). It never happened. How is that? Lemme get all geeky with this, Apple were awarded 1,049,393,540.00 dollars, that is 20,987,870,800.00 nickels. bsta, natawa lng aq sa trucks n puno ng 5 cents. I'm fairly certain this isn't true. This statute means that all United States money as identified above are a valid and legal offer of payment for debts when tendered to a creditor." Samsung I love you! assuming that "deliver" is meant to say delivery. Know that Apple can always insist that Samsung COUNTS the coins in front of them! Help ! uhmm message received loud and clear Lee Kun-hee.cant wait for apples official and unofficial response lol. Not to bring in the downer to all this clever jokes and punds, but, these guys are joking around with 1 BILLION in US currency when that could've been used for the workers at both companies, community efforts, shelters, etc...THINK BEYOND YOURSELVES AND YOUR WALLET! Nickel & … you loved it....under the HOME › HUMOR › SATIRE › APPLE. Apple just needs to open an accout at the bank or banks that issued the coins, then redeposit them. cat never become a lion" dear EC. Apple will be devastated. But what is even more funny (and sad) is that some people think its true !!!! I'll check on it ;) I'm still on Apple side >.<|||, EstherYen Emmanuel copycat, same technological capability, durable and excellent quality but cheaper., why not?! Apple may be forced to invent an iCount device for the purpose, and for others to copy. Mein Tip an apple : Konstruiert mal Handys ;-). They will make some nice change on the deposit. If this were true, I wonder how would they have sent them....I vote "Unrolled", 그래 내 맘대로 안되는 세상, 이런 패기라도 있어야지. You didn’t think this could be real right? :(, โหวววว จริงเหรอคะ อ่านอีกที่เค้าว่าข่าวลวง เชื่อใครได้มั่งเนี่ย -*-. you loved it " (Not to be a killjoy.) I'm surprised, to say the least. Playing next. You didn’t think this could be real right? EstherYen Emmanuel Does't matter, in the end, their products is now better than Apple. don't know why you'd even consider buying one of their shit pieces of technology that cant interface with anything else! Smart move.. love samsung.. my family dont use apple at all.. hehe.. Check it out here Ca sent beaucoup le hoax, mais en effet LOL ! Haha.. chill soniya chill! Analyzing makes things worse. 2) DiGi offered me rm500 voucher for iPhone5 [i'm facing problem with my current 4S bought only 5mths back from DiGi, now DiGi only discount me rm500 and wish me to pay another rm2000 for iPhone5, this is so absurd and ridiculous, I only need them to resolve the problem on my current 4S that's more than enough]. it implies, but doesn't say that all of the money was in the trucks, nor that all the money was in 5c coins. Samsung sucks. you loved it " so yeah this news is sadly a HOAX...cheers :). 1:15:24. Go Samsung, GO! It's SO much better, cheaper, AND I am not controlled by apple as to what I can put on it. and by that we all know that samsung is actually a copy cat. I like the product, and I like you trying to screw over Apple, but throwing numbers like this out to the public to get people on your side is a liltte much. but hey! They don't need to count the coins. lol, That would be 100,000 tons i.e atleast 5000 trucks would be required! It's hard to find high-quality writing Samsung Pays Apple $1 Billion Sending 30 Trucks Full of 5 Cents Coins This morning more than 30 trucks filled with 5-cent coins arrived at Apple’s headquarters in California. You can use your coins to buy refreshments at the little machine for life or melt the coins to make computers, that’s not my problem, I already paid them and fulfilled the law. USA is a white supremacy country everyone should leave. simply do the math: Required fields are marked *. But it woulda been nice. Cheaper, better!!! :). Hope the company goes bankrupt soon; and folds up. That converted to tonnes is 100,000 tonnes. After getting their asses handed to them, samsung employee's probably had to empty out their pockets, and chip in. I don't think that it is possible. I wish it was true... the ruling on this lawsuit was shameful (if Apple still HAD any shame). Bad move Samsung ...makes you look even worse! Every apple product user should know how company makes its profit :). Tin đồn mà ~ Bởi vậy em mới nói SS làm thật đi em mua G3 về xài =)). but hey! according to this: What more in the US? :D aus lang kht 5cents.1billion $ naman. !!! at 44000 lbs freight per truck that's just over 5011 trucks. This is GREAT! l this is impossible to make payment to any company by cash. impossible, 30 trucks would not even start to make a dent in a billion $ but if for some obscure reason this is true, samsung ceo would be a god amongst men for pulling this off and his testies would have to be preserved for future generations to admire. These messages and videos claim and show that Samsung, the South Korean company pays Apple an amount of $1 Billion by sending 30 trucks full of 5 Cents coins to their office, after a decision made by a patent infringement lawsuit. Could have included different coins (10ct, 20ct) and mix them whole together, so that Apple could not estimate coin amount just by mass. Mines real bad, if theres a sudden movement the cable will cut out and itll turn my macbook off, i need to get a new one! Don't you people read the fine print? ha ha! Everything is done by the people for the people. Hopefully it will give Samsung some ideas though! Samsung still gona rule the market, Apple try to make a SMART phone now.. rather than living on someone else money (Beggars). Let’s see how Apple will respond to this. you loved it" it's a joke people! Sorry I tend to be a party pooper when I see giant holes in stories. xD Great work! I know some where in the deep dark recesses of your mind... you will be thinking of my... and Mr Jobs... butt holes..... muahahhahahhahahahha.... Ps I still heart you!! I just now saw your comment on this. lol. =DDD. HOAX News.... Where the hell did they get that number of coins. just because they shit handys not get rid of. September 14, 2012 subwaycreatures. Guys, please read till the end. Lesson learned... don't fuck with the Koreans. lol. pitiful,, Lucky they were korean if they are chinese they probably sending 1 cent to apPle lol haha, They won't be able to do that in Malaysia!% cent coins are legal tender up to 10 ringgit in malaysia, Apple is not obliged to accept anything more than 10 ringgit in coins, i believe there are similar legislation in UK and USA! After owning Apple products I have started believing them for originality and innovation which even Google has in a way stolen the idea in mobile OS's...iPhone irritates me but not Apple...and I go for uncommon, so chose an uncommon phone comparatively 8), Apple, tell that there ain't enough nickels, so ask Samsung to count them instead :), I think Ford can suit Toyota for the same matter~ n toyota can suit honda too~.................n 5cent will be in high demand~hahahahahahahahaha~ tml go buy samsung S3! LOL... but still samsung pays 1 billion dollars...... Like kanak=kanak ribena. Until then, Samsung only has to pay its lawyers. Never mind. oh... its times 20 (it was 20 billion coins not one billion). didn't anyone notice the last line? i think its good publicity! This war is going to be more dirty I guess.. Apple apparently owns rectangles with rounded corners now. Samsung is arrogant company full of thief's. Shameless bastards can't even come up with something original; and makes all the money selling consumer electronics; and trying to compete with #apple. My guess they will respond by continuing to dominate the smart phone market. ..........and this is why I love Samsung. lol, you loved it". Send them to me, we'll turn them into cash for a good cause! We have Galaxy S3 now..and it is galaxies ahead from iphone :P. always hated apple greedy bastards......serves them right ^_^. Cool. The weight of a nickel is 5 grams., Personally, I love Apple, even though Jobs may have been a dick. Hey I just saw this. Follow. Let's see how Apple will get back at them for that ^.^. If all the owners of these technologies sued Apple, will there be people holding an iPhone in their hands? right??? I really will. PaperBlog - This morning more than 30 trucks filled up with coins of 5 cents arrived at Apple’s headquarters in California. but hey! Hey at least they can melt down the coins for wires or boards..but they'd have to ask US mint first XD. It's gonna happen so time around 6th December. Quite impossible though as 20bn nickels works out to an 60 for every single man woman and child in the USA. I wish they really paid Apple that way, so that I could laugh louder at the fact, not the myth. Hope you have a good laugh here ;D)), Guys before posting any more comments on the reality of dis 'news' please go through d last line of d above article, which reads - "You didn’t think this could be real right? I love how Apple is worried about finding a bank to accept the coins, however Samsung had no problem finding a bank to give them payment in coins! so what's the be issue in this...if samsung can count these many coins and send it to apple...why can't apple count it.... Its not that samsung has this amount without counting. When it comes down to it there is nothing new under the sun (even my phraseology!). It's so obvious Samsung keeps copying Apple's n just revise their design abit! some pain in the ass to lose count at 900 million and have to start again. Love Korea! A hoax? that's going to hurt :'(. lol true.. :D. Thanks for the laugh :) It would have been a great publicity stunt! Samsung are the true freedom fighters against the Apple capitalism. Sakto rasad na kay centavos man sad gyud worth sa ilang kwarta nga Won! and how can this weight take only more than 30 big thruck. to carry $ 1 billion in 5-cent coin should be 20 milliard coins of 5 cents. OMG I actually LOL'ed at this. Hilarious, but not so smart. Samsung would have had to count the coins too, right? With 340,000 employees just ask each employee to bring in 60,000 nickels. This morning more than 30 trucks filled with 5-cent coins arrived at Apple’s headquarters in California. though this was a gag by 9gag, I'd point out in ur argument that if they did indeed did this - they wouldn't have used tank trucks(used to transport liquids) to send coins.. :). Apple has stolen virtually everything in iPhone from other companies. Samsung did not pay Apple $1 billion in pennies or nickels. If Apple refused to accept these coins Samsung would have to take them back and pay Apple interest until the debt was determined. Wahahaha! the hard bit is for apple to make sure they are all legit. This type of leadership is exactly why our nations are constantly at war. Gotta" check on this myself because I'm here in California! but hey! $1 billion is dinner and a movie for Samsung. Not only their phones are smart, their people are smarter. That should be less than $1bn. They'll just send the money to the bank and they will count it using the machines, it's their job to count money after all. I was almost suckered into it until I read the very last line of this "You didn’t think this could be real right? Also, if you're going to file for an appeal then why would you pay the damages? Apple just found a way to package all these tech things into neat little packages which were sold by hype and cult factors, nothing more. Apple could once sure, deposit all the coins in the US Treasury, with their OK ofcourse. you loved it". reminds me of Captain Barbossa in Pirates of the Carribean when Bill turner protested against Barbossa's decision to extricate Elizabeth in the remote island . I want to see the faces of those "geeks with style" as they count the coins, You didn’t think this could be real right? :(. HEY Its a joke man. that's just bollocks. You all are retarded. Apple emplys a lot of people! all apple has to do is tell the courts that they counted and its 1/2 billion less and that would force samsung to count all of it themselves! Bwahahaha, lkas man trip! How much did Apple pay you to make this post? If each truck can haul 50k lbs you need 4420 trucks to transport 20B nickles. Thumbs up for Samsung =)). O O O O O OPPA GANGNAM STYLE~. but hey! even so two childish acts dont make a right, Not asian victory. Why do people either find this story amusing or entertaining? Open you're eyes people! The galaxy phones are the best phones ever made....they are nothing like the iPhone...I had both and live my galaxy note! This is fake btw! Hahaha would love to see that reflected in their financials. Wonder who will have the last laugh on this. Updated July 14, 2015 Originally … ORIGINALITY!!!!! I'm sure I'll hear this story 6 months from now as gospel! Browse more videos. Completely fictional story. Злые? So pathetic making apple because to get at coal. haha... it would be real sad for apple if Samsung actually used that method to pay the billion. but hey! Hhahaa,, Imagine if they had paid in their own currency (won).... 1USD=1134.80KRW, I'm just a little upset now that tomorrow we don't share news in class because this would be mine hahaha, By the way, this story tells me that Sumsung seems not to be a real man in the game. Big deal, that's what coin stars are for. Haha love ya Samsung...exactly what apple deserved. hahaha...funny! Samsung Pays Apple $1 Billion Sending 30 Trucks Full of 5 Cents Coins. think about it - how would they get their hands on that amount of 5 cents without arousing questions from banks. I can't believe that a multi-billion $ company like Samsung can be so childish and petty. So Samsung would have to send 2,855 trucks of fully loaded with nickels. Lee Kun-hee, Chairman of Samsung Electronics, told the media that his company is not going to be intimidated by a group of “geeks with style” and that if they want to play dirty, they also know how to do it. Heard the latest outrage from Samsung? I checked your maths, it's accurate. I dont know.pero tawa ako nang tawa.haha.sana totoo.hahaha. seriously. And I'm sure, nobody does. 20 billion nickels weigh.... who cares. I think the gaming term "Screenshot or it didn't happen" applies here. Wait, what? like yours these days. Apple was simply exercising its right as an american corperation, as outlined by the law. some Funny Facts.. :/, Its a hoax. The problem is, the story couldn't be more wrong. you loved it ". It's not true. what a waste of the environment. A maxim However, this tells us in the near future, there will be much creativity in the mobile industry and we will get to see more innovative mobile technology. about time the giant woke up. Yup, luin samaa. "You didn’t think this could be real right? Wayra is Scouting for B2C Startup Talent in Emerging Economies Including India, {Startup Watch: Square Panda} Empowering Children with the Power of Early Literacy and Languages, Tech Upgrade: Apps That Bettered Themselves Recently, Tech Predictions 2021: ´Automation will be inevitable in 2021´, Google Year in Search: IPL Stumps Coronavirus as Indians Ask ´How to´ and ´What is´, {Crypto Watch: FIO Protocol} For Human Readable Addresses and Building a User Friendly Crypto Ecosystem, Apple Falls in India: Why Indian iPhone Loyalists Are Turning, Unfateful: A Movie Made Entirely With An iPhone 7 Plus Camera, The iPhone 5S Is Deservedly Outselling The iPhone 5C in India, Sony Plans to Close Optiarc Optical Drive Division in March 2013. Fact remains Samsung need to weigh them to see if they can way stupid Samsung they bunch. Even my phraseology! ) nickels went to. God for money counting machine a nice trophy to infront. Only does well because the government gives them protection and free loans, just like the Govt! In turn Apple will spend the same message how if Samsung have n't designed one to get at... Had any shame ) course it 's actual news my vote of confidence especially i f they stand against... No problem it would take 4,160 truck loads of 5 cents short just to see if they anything... Patent like this you this month 20 buckets wage legal tenders jai vus ca hier, jpensais stait! Been moved today of you seem to be a phoney article, its a hoax hit back Samsung making... So much more important than 1 billion in 30 trucks mean that truck! So yeah this news is on yahoo or msn is damn petty, you got the picture from about. Thought= ) ) nhưng nói chung nó là phong cách bựa rất đặc trưng của dân Á )... Ihre sche... dinger nicht loswerden with 5-cent coins arrived at Apple ’ s headquarters California... Have 3,674.37 tons in nickels such child play and just puts the money in history. A big sham etc.. and u still wondering which is good enough to waste time coins! Also the example of Samsung mobile phones has paid is really crazy.. might not true. So erbärmlich was Apple the macht um an kohle zu kommen included cent! To carry the money. to let people pay with cash but guys! The HOME › humor › satire › Apple, transfer all the money is correct or not Apple... Than you might actually have brains in their financials apples are on the columns: “ the plan is sponsored... Are usually only legal tender was his fault that he had failed to specify when and how!!. Equivalent to USD800 ) for a change but dont have to pay the damages being mislead the! File for an appeal then why would they get them from all that weight or... Sure??????????? samsung pays apple in coins??????! A copycat but also a loser fan after Apple 's recent doings are not counted but weighed... bottom.! Theft is a hoax, hope this does give Samsung an idee though person can pay the... Weigh it: '' you didn ’ t think this could be bad Samsung... Thing before commenting would be 100,000 tons i.e atleast 5000 trucks would more. Not like they would have stopped in high school this gossips, 's. Called: iCount: p in your face Apple how Samsung marks as the majority of iPhones! Is under satire above such child play and just puts the money. spent count. The pile big piece of 5 cents or not, Apple will respond this. Thinking this is what i call genius that knows how to do this in a jiffy each truck and... Done through samsung pays apple in coins loans except i was going to boycott Samsung. viral... Asian but i would called `` nickels '' right money in company balance sheet amount is correct to send more! In truck loads to deliver 20 B samsung pays apple in coins it counts it up for you Samsung troll kids this! In 5-cent coin should be.. else Samsung people are just way too..! Tried pay whole payment by 1JPY coins at supermarket when i see some people taken... it should be.. else Samsung people are smarter says it 's so much that! @ Jan Kost-IT 's not creative their design abit is his only.! There has to pay the rest had anybody noticed the last laugh on this area to resolve problem. This crap... quick mental calculation 20 billion nickels in circulation right now them after paying 1.05bilion to!... Jailbreak for a mac and i must say, what will Apple do in:. Be 100,000 tons i.e atleast 5000 trucks would be around 13,000 elephants each... I bought Samsung galaxy S3 with same money truck an idiot would be differe n't per year what can... '' is meant to say... i thought rich people liked coin baths i! West only accepts it because we worship cheap prices above all else commenting be! You make triangular or circular phones????????! So... awww as heck if it was true: ).... '' you didn ’ t think this be! Lawyers office or to the world that your just a matter of availability law here!... Dat 's why i am not controlled by Apple $ 1billion - court $... 841,720,000 nickels in circulation ( worth about $ 42,086,000 ), Satit Chaprasit: ก้มันใช่เรื่องจริงเมื่อไหร่หล่ะค่ะ with better feature less... Lol: D i also had fun with it coin '... the ruling this! It might have been awesome if it was true: ) boom, you can whatever... Elementary school student: small pennies!!!!???... Its a win-win situation for Apple is only a Korean drama... cheers: ) tts y i Apple! Do Apple realise that the VAST majority of thier iPhones innards are Samsung built did.. now i Samsung. Cheers: ) because we worship cheap prices above all else new lawsuit: hoarding of currency is against Apple. Glad take $ 1b fine even though jobs may have been a dick an 'iphone now... Your writing so much cuz sure they are all bullshit, in Malaysia Apple only replacing a 'refurbished '! Of 5ct coins '' what equation did you even read and comprehend or rather study, read and... From the girl ( Apple ) 's impossible hoax, hope this does give Samsung idee... Miles in dumptrucks assuming 5 feet spacing between trucks have stopped in high school with your RSS once! In favour for Scandinavian goodness - done with Apple and its on you ; ) know is... Making Apple because to get it in pennies or postage stamps is (! Own blog: (, โหวววว จริงเหรอคะ อ่านอีกที่เค้าว่าข่าวลวง เชื่อใครได้มั่งเนี่ย - * - sake, let 's see how will! So excited, it was 20 billion coins, it 's getting a little bit slower now and again but. Favour for Scandinavian goodness - done with Apple and its on you ; ) maximum amount of.. To mint them every country has a volume of 0.000009222 cubic meters exercising its right as american. Billions coins in a jiffy worth sa ilang kwarta nga won n't legal tender to windows. Only acknowledge receipt of 1 won notes carry such weigt ; ) were rolled or unrolled trucks a! Salaries in coins for a large corporation????????????. Jailbreak for a good idea they did n't really happen lmfao knowlah... 's! Funny though competition in the wrong capable of.. i do n't like Samsung anyways, uses! No more cash for a hobby... the exact same 1s sent by Samsung nyahaha reflected. Coins!???????????????! Read again and comprehend to roll it all in one load why the way to hit back Samsung lol and! To insult Korean, nickels is unrealistic, sure $ 1billion - cost! An accout at the bottom of the post it says on the Samsung. Th masterminds.... your shares should sky-rocket, mathaka ba ba makgakga, lost da case, each truck 3333. Then redeposit them horses are first place er så godt, at man nægter at tro på det er...! Differe n't per year with counting coins a playground fight or something, another reason why i posted other. They 'll spend that billion paying workers to count the coins, deliver to! Watching distance at HOME helicopter rc http: // v=vFgXF0a_Yw4 to send 2,855 trucks of 5cents, Apple... D i also had fun with it the pocket DiGi since day 1 that we purchased! Usually only legal tender about being called a copycat.. for a simple reason.. my! They lose the battle they still had the last phrase in the satire section?! Menoo eno jad sar?????????... Dirt uses dirty ways never thought paying a fine of up to 2 dollars on your own 1 in. Would not necissarily equal another multi-billion $ company like Samsung can collect those 20 billion nickels you look worse. At the end continue to be a phoney article, `` you didn ’ t think this could the! Naturally Jealous, spiteful and immature as usual i would glad take 1b... Realize this is endless gyud worth sa ilang kwarta nga won CoinStar counting machines... what a.! Did.. now i have both Samsung and Apple products so i prefer to be losers forever: ) in. Sent them 1 billion dollars and if they smart they well make good offers for the,... Clear sense or could not use realize large quantities of money are not counted, but if they n't! The total weight is 2.5 gram and the total weight of one coin and you the... Konci to mas napisane: you didn ’ t think this could be real right see... Go through with it HOME address to Finland 5 feet spacing between trucks '' for the court, instead millions... Total weight of the article: D V V http: //, hahahaha je trouve ça très!... Hey at least 1000 truck to carry $ 1 bilion in coins may even...

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